Hero's Journey

by Napoleon Da Legend

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    Napoleon Da Legend and west coast producer Eyedee link up to bring you Hero's Journey [album]. This is Napoleon's sixth full length project of 2018, which features Noah-O, Skanks the Rap Martyr, DJ Akil and DJ TMB. Eyedee's dark and gloomy beats guides us through a harrowing tale of personal battles, loss and achievement as Napoleon Da Legend describes his experience in the Rap Life.

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Different 02:20
[Napoleon Da Legend verse 1] In a cesspool of greed and vanity fiends In search of success in the city where insanity breed I sow seeds my soul bleeds beyond the smoke screen cold feet stroking my ego until I O.D. Codeine fixes juggling a queen and mistress The king of mischief I’m cursed just for being gifted Friendship and business it gets harder just to tell the difference Some adopt a victim mentality and they get vindictive Loads of women sending nudes and acting loose And there’s attraction big titties and asses that affect my mood Gotta a Buddha master not to give in Super human shit as if my dick was never winning Smiles and gimmicks when they meet ya they wanna feature remember when I used to be ignored right by speaker? Reality can change quick overnight ya name is lit Face the music, if it’s my fate I’m not afraid of it [Napoleon Da Legend hook] Caught yourself a break now you winning Now they looking at you different Got yourself together you in business Now they looking at you different Got it popping accosted by pretty women Now they looking at you different Videos playing on television Now they looking at you different [Napoleon Da Legend verse 2] Life of a rapper rising, posters and advertisements backstage table flooded with some appetizers Promoters and the owners love it, I’m so accustomed showing out in public like "yo fuck it" That’s in my cards, get em to send a car Coming back with Po she telling me get in the car Turning off G.P.S. locations and notifications Underground secret poker games inside of basements New faces on the daily and it’s dizzying It’s Triggering the section of my brain that’s amphibious Icarus, I feel my wings melting under heat But that ain’t nothing, compared to hell’s lava underneath So I’m stuck in the middle like that "Thriller" song Controlled by invisible forces stronger than gorilla arms Inside a fish tank like the pope in his vehicle Seeing big smiles from even those who don’t agree with you "Focus on the positive Po", "stay positive" Another show another check go deposit it Take a break from the scene and go step out of it Don’t go forget U came up out of nowhere be proud of it you never did it for attention did it for yourself and for your fans Ya ancestors and all the souls of elders in ya fam Clothes food and shelter for your fam those were the cards you were dealt with Fuck whoever jealous of ya hand
Napoleon Da Legend [verse 1] Ice cold sangria with a hot Latina The French say my flow is Jolie like Angelina I’d rock her boat I’m a still a fan Aaliyah I bring the pain like Columbus on the Santa Maria Cancel careers like the trading ban on Korea War time consigliere I can handle fear Golden chandeliers baby blue jacket looking immaculate You cats is lacking ya business acumen’s inadequate Unofficial fan sacrificial lamb Got bagged for a half a gram coming back from Afghanistan I don’t hand to hand You album is can of spam Smack ya whole face with the palm of an ouragatan Basically you never a had a chance ask ya man Transform ya Uber ride into an ambulance I’m the last voice of reason in this rap shit The rest of y’all should just move to Cleveland with the has beens Defend my freedoms with the passion The aftermath of ya career is you cleaning the trash bins Move slowly with feet of an assassin Outlaw at the beach smoking breathing up ya Ashes That’s 2pac Shakur I do lots of tours Never gossip round goons bout what u got before Zsa Zsa Gabor You was popping now you not hot no more My squad took ya spot knocked you off Napoleon Da Legend [hook] x 2 This is champion Sound you getting bucked down Recognize the kings all you snakes getting shut down By the champion sound Better recognize the kings Napoleon Da Legend [verse 2] Secure the duffle now i see the coin W.B. De Bois classic That’s just another "W" for your boy Had to Kick that shorty out I’m easily annoyed Panoramic 360 how I see the court Earving Magic curve the perfect ass when I pass it set the bar I got the nerve to surpass it I mastered Verbal jitsu certified official Name blew up so fast I swear to god I had to switch shoes You catch a glimpse my team be moving how rich move I can’t allow for all this talent to be misused Already at it when you hit the snooze stick and move knock you out ya tennis shoes the highlights might hit the news Kill em softly like Roberta flack worst than that No words for that you the type to think the earth is flat I’m on the edge of it you must be made of gelatin No jealous men up in this regiment we don’t accept em in Dirty specimen specialist it’s effortless Cats is sounding like they shot up too much estrogen Opposite of pessimist always the next to win Ya favorite rapper can’t even stand next to him I’m Doing well indeed dropping a jewel and leave u can tell Rare breed like Joel Embiid Poppin off you would think my label selling keys Hell of cheese LLCs and all that Napoleon Da Legend [hook] x 2 This is champion Sound you getting bucked down Recognize the kings all you snakes getting shut down By the champion sound Better recognize the kings
Carpe Diem 02:41
Up in the studio serving up and moving dope Make these lames fadeaway like Patrick Ewing in the post I do the most stayed quiet while the music spoke Tried to disrespect the culture you know where the truth is though Every match a mismatch while they try to piggy back This is billy bad ass like I’m bringing Pac and Biggie back I’m really that travel from Jersey up to Philly back real hair, DJ, one mic, no silly tats Hiring consulting firms to find where his Achilles at This that gritty city committee not the pretty rap Hard knock diplomas that’ll help you thru ya darkest moments Not for the dumb def and blind / this for the smart and focused For the chosen selected when Noah’s Ark approaches So confident seen Pandora’s box and propped it open Just to spar demons carpe Diem with my scarf squeezed around they neck until they stop breathing you can see it Im D’artagnan with the heart of a champion For too long, I was caught at the bottom inside a dark canyon The dark side of the star spangled where stars vanish Living under sub-par standards and hard to manage Some lose it start to panic alcohol and drugs to escape Only to wake up fucked up and stuck in one place Like my dude money Kyle good dude million dollar smile Abandoned by his parents as a youth was acting wild Juvenile detention type looking for attention like Only way he knew how to get it was getting bent and fight Starting reading the Coran to get his mind right But They still felt something was off with him that night Acting all erratic pushing up on these girls Snapping on these bartenders next minute he would earl They tried to hold him up brushed me off and jetted out Pissy drunk speeding, heading for his ex's house Nobody answered the doors and so he broke it in He saw her naked getting fucked and rage came over him He turned into the Hulk and started throwing furniture Earlier was partying next second turn to murderer Laying in the blood as the cops rushed him Didn’t even resist he was numb to the ruckus See what I’m saying how his life took a turn You can feed ya ego or ya light which one you prefer ? Carpe Diem
[verse 1: Napoleon Da Legend] Dominique windmills wind chill I been real Fish scale rocket Ishmael cartilage spill Rappers with androgynous builds we don’t feel at Question where the skill at you can catch me where the real at Chill at Chinese restaurants upper echelon renaissance in the Pentagon with some Decepticons Looking for energon cubes stressing like John Q That’s fondue push ya album back like Lebron’s due Take it back to '92, '86 laying up crazy chicks Baby momma crib smelling like baby shit Bathing Ape the latest kicks dictatorship dick slay the chick Up late eating mad potato chips The devil not of afraid of it I level up a rebel what? You peddle drugs? While the government try to embezzle us? The surrogate prepared for this Charismatic gentleman Pharaohgamo lit we don’t negotiate with terrorists Flatbush and Farragut black foot flash drive WiFi get rich or die trying half a dollar These folks still mad Obama How u live? Show me what u did bad karma fucker this is what u get Berlusconi burn slowly shinobi should know me Red black Sauconi don’t talk about it show me James Toney sugar Shane Mosley the game soaked me Ladies at the venue play me closely [Chorus: scratches by DJ Akil] Napoleon Da Legend Later on right, cause I'm a winner Drop emcees like car collapse 'blawww!' Rap legend, "yea! son!" Living in the ghetto tryna get the hell out x2 [verse 2: Napoleon Da Legend] This ain’t melodic illogical episodic, exotic Doing Pilates with a Hot chick hard to process Toxic, hit the block quick Pac shit talk shit Confidence I walk with u awkward Forklift my fork lift never pork looking like u never fought Did some petty crimes but I was never caught Fuck all metaphors and rhyme schemes I swipe screens and like memes with my wifey chilling eating ice cream You trying hard to sound hard you sound fraud I’m vanguard took the hand off and ran off Randolph, Mortimer, Nautica sort of an extortionist Louis Roderrer cast spells like a sorcerer Resourceful expertise extra P i plead allegiance to no flag I’m a nomad I left the region Battered up and flesh bleeding neck leaking barely breathing Rest In Peace to Heavy Dee I’m very genius
Humble 03:32
[Napoleon Da Legend verse 1] I’m too modest running thru zombies within this new market who can stop em Inconvenient truth change up the rooms climate You turned coon to get it popping that’s the new logic So fuck the game and where its going I just do fly shit Earl "the GOAT" Manigault, strangle hold Made em catch vertigo when I tell em my anecdotes Amber rose type chicks tell em they a fan of Po And I know, just get ya pretty hands off my dough This is machismo, got it by the kilo Eloheem flow Drinking Pinot adlibing my life like I’m the Migos Beast mode mask off don’t hide behind no avatars Your views ain’t matching ours that’s why we don’t collab with y’all I walk the path of god stranded at the crossroads Traveling accross the globe and I don’t even have a job Rather blessed I learned to live with mad regret like Kylo Ren Patience is a skill I haven’t mastered yet [Napoleon Da Legend chorus] Humble focus never let it get to ya head Cause u be popping today next second u dead Cause success only a question of perspective never do what they expect That’s how u stay ahead [Napoleon Da Legend verse 2] The rebel writer, angelic devils in my cypher a fighter in life You’ll meet people that’ll never like ya Dont waste ya time with em focus and just keep bombing em Predominantly dominant don gorgan I’m honoring My Predecessors, always kept en guessing tot an effective weapon died 3 times and then I resurrected To set the record straight they trynna ex-communicate The Legend only flexing when u needed u can review the tape me and my ex we don’t communicate just give me the cash I don’t get myself in debt I just get you to pay Smarter, outshining the sun and make the day darker make profit split up the cake and let em pay homage But stay modest even tho they wanna blow ya head up To get u off of ya pivot that’s how they get ya set up Be a master of self you’ll get yourself pass it Well crafted in fact, you’ll get to wealth faster The X-factor u rapping I’m not impressed at you By the time u jumped the bandwagon I was next chapter Switch blade, neck slasher slash check casher Shows I put in work after party looking fresh after Adamantium spine my brain lithium Prometheus I tour still a Medicaid recipient Don’t let the hype deceive you between what’s right and evil If being right is a crime that means I’m twice illegal
[Napoleon Da Legend verse 1] Derek Jeter, Eric B and Rakim ether The target market reacher sipping margueritas Carbon dioxide breather powerful leader IG'er my pride is sort like Vegeta Top seeder compete like Nike and Adidas The clear winner, you blind,, how can you not see this? Block elitist turn the block into a mausoleum All this hypocrisy damn I wish 2pac could see it Dark features mahogany colors the kid is promising scoring Andrew Carnegie numbers I got that moxie, my legacy written, this is therapy Blessed like Melanie Griffin back in the seventies Blessed like the 76'ers with Allen Iverson Talented like a rap group of Staten Islanders I make my moves like a strategist And bring pain like Method man for all you sado-masochists [Skanks the Rap Martyr verse] If you trying to stop me you finna pay Cuz once I put my sights on something I want God bless whatever’s in the way Me and Po a come rock ya house party But not like Kid n Play what I display ain’t the same I say shit nobody else a say Still it’s a lot of people sleeping thinking I’m not official But since a rookie I been killing shit like Donovan Mitchell but that’s not an issue Cuz I don’t give a fuck how you feel I been escaped the plantation y’all still stuck in the field Nat turner with these rap words I turn the tables on you Fuck your label before I slay you it’s only right I warn you Yeah you paid me for my voice But I don’t care ima still say what I want Fuck what you say slavery was not a choice A few just wasn’t brave Cause Harriet said she would of freed many more if they just knew they wasn’t slaves They raped our woman whipped us and set us on fire Denied us book hanged us and hog tied us with barbwire [Napoleon Da Legend verse 2] Samuel Jackson Noriega Manuel Opposite of well-mannered the heaven and hell battler Made a name for myself because I sell language And stunning tales that will make my money swell mammoth High velocity rise philosophy wise Khalil Gibran, Bible, Coran: I sift thru the lies Choose side red or blue pill we shoot to kill Maneuver thru the field my attitude is fuck how u feel Po is agile and agile u fragile and fragile U cash in I cash out swerving thru the fast route Spit ya best darts, gave you a head start I’m knocking heads off shoulders u better get smart I set the bar higher wrap it up with barb wire There’s only one truth that means these rappers all liars The industry is all biased drop a jewel to remind ya In case these bastards catch a case of Alzheimer’s
Anti-Caligula pushing Teslas Nicolas I crack ligaments of rappers that’s extra-curricular Monastery monk, Afro-punk still be sexing Smith and Wessun for reporters asking silly questions Slightly gregarious my voice tone Gregorian I came out more mature, out of my own moratorium Maury Povich, orator, the baby wasn’t his, the lady was a skits she was only in it for the chips Ain’t it a bitch? You can be rich and not even enjoy the shit My future lit I saw the shit, stupid trolls ignore the shits Their spinal cord is porcelain, I’m Scorcese mixed Oliver philosopher who you making ya dollar for? Dominance Ducking paparazzi I’m dodging photographers my monikers synonymous to fast lane check the speedometer Somalian mentality, slap you burn a calories I flip shares stock exchange, while you earn a salary [Napoleon Da Legend Chorus] Open the door let me in on lord Let me the duty I was sent for Break me off with something I’m a get more I’m vested with the power from the main source Rigomortis your corpse on the coroners porch I struck a cord, sing the chorus for moral support Philip Morris for short, stacking my chips like the Mormons After performance the groupie swarming like transformers I let em in then I make em take a survey You first grade I fuck her sipping earl grey that’s great Britain Benjamins I make spitting my written start bidding wars I piss em off then fly off to Singapore, I’m winning more Figure four while you figure what I’m for just pick a sword I’m of sick of all ya talkers , most of y’all should listen more Arrogant for nothing rappers I just had enough of rappers Talking bout They this and that then you don’t see nothing after I’m the puppet master never see me puffing after anyone I don’t smoke inhaling liquor with Henny lungs You had a petty run, couple months already done I move my chips on the board like Machiavelli’s son
[Napoleon Da Legend verse] Gotta get a grip gotta get my chip Hot up in the mix gotta get my split Dropping this product and I get my flip Hit the block with a mission this I live Make my way take it day by day Killing these shows gotta get my pay Gotta get my bag then I get right back Get em real hype when I get like that Back to the bricks from my cockpit Came up in a city that’s toxic Where stick ups a empty ya pockets Walk with a chip on my Pac shit Hustling making my moves lit Doing my numbers and boost it Walking that walk and I boom shit I don’t be talking that coon shit All this success ! Not accidental I just be cooking like pots and a kettle They taking money right out the ghetto So quick get ya money up I will not settle I will not fold I won’t fail, no! They wanna lock us in jail, no! They think my soul is for sale to devil himself I tell him hell no! [Napoleon Da Legend chorus] These devils gotta get up off my dick Yo yo yo They don’t wanna see a pharaoh live Hey yo yo Only thing you get is what you give If they talking then you lit own it Get in where you fit [Noah-O verse] Mama told me keep me head high Mouth closed And my eyes wide Gentlemen Southern treat her sweet as candy Enemies greet em with cyanide I don't argue I show & prove I make moves growing my pie I'm a grown man Fuck these lil dudes We could never see eye to eye Noah & Napo again Boom bap or trap we a threat Yo shit is so wack hit eject same lips they diss me with Sucking my dick hit the back of they neck Um yeah ughhh I dropp hella shit then take a break Um yeah ughhh I can't do no future cuz u fake Um yeah ughhh Naw I ain't do feature cuz u trash Um yeah ughhh Tell the suckas get up off my sac Im wit Jody out in BK That's my family I'm with Black Boy I been here take u ten years Just to reach where i am at I got 3 cribs pay yo phone bill U just reaching shit look sad I go too hard I came too far For me ever to look back I fell too far I prayed too hard Now u see just where I'm at [Napoleon Da Legend verse] I’m a stay up in ya face getting my break Getting it wearing my cape Looking real great I.m so outer space Sold out these tickets they ran out of space I’m just a god and living my life god Shorty is thick with the right bod Might take a trip and might not I see thru the red like a cyclops [Napoleon Da Legend chorus] These devils gotta get up off my dick Yo yo yo They don’t wanna see a pharaoh live Hey yo yo Only thing you get is what you give If they talking then you lit own it Get in where you fit
I’m Enormously a beast you get horribly deceased like the morbidly obese when I cordially agree to take the court like Jordan in a fourth quarter streak Forming my mystique with orthopedic shoes on my feet Formerly known as a chief, I graduated to emperor When I set off on my journey I took on a great adventure I’m essential, flirted with greatness since adolescence Took chances cause staying in one place was out of the question I was birthed from the pressure of society’s ill Reincarnated cause curiosity kills Acquire knowledge show you how monstrosity feels Ted Dibiasi before I die I wanna see mills A black sheep, verbal athlete I murder cats while sleeping catch an ass beating When I catch that ass reaching Switch lanes fast speeding otherwise in class teaching Wise before my years plus I’m light years passed decent brah 16 This is the fix crack an aristocrats wrist accept paper or plastic I keep the gas lit Black listed treated life like a game of badminton up to bat hitting homers, this is upper class spitting Precise mind of a mathematician I’m passed sick This is what the vast majority of rappers are missing You drop projects it’s mad crickets nobody cares Took it to the top it’s lonely cause ain’t nobody there [Chorus DJ Akil cuts] Rap suprematist you an apprentice smack ya premise trynna stop us enacting dumb laws at a Senate Ask ya lieutenant Surpassing the limits and glass ceilings This is a mass killing on wax I make mass appealing smacking the critics Without adlibbing or nothing I outclass em got solid abs, sit ups and crunches Pull ups , go head pull up and see keep bullets up in my sleeve You peep bulletin I fill up the seats Militant disposition, killing it got me in this position Quick decisions, I paint it vivid so they get the vision See the picture crystal clear I’m just pistoleer Richard Gere switch gears then I switch my gear I’m feeling this my year sitting in a different chair They pay attention gotta listen with a different ear This a different tier make them dummies switch careers Change lanes, David Blaine poof disappear I catch a body this experience is out of body Knock ya head off, how u feel without a body? I like my chicks rather naughty ducking paparazzi Inside a rented masarati bumping Pavarotti Fast lane like Ricky Bobby in Talladega Medieval we find a traitor we just feed em to the alligator 100,000 dollar wages I’m Miles Davis I’m The crowd favorite smack fire out of the mouth of Satan


Napoleon Da Legend and west coast producer Eyedee link up to bring you Hero's Journey [album]. This is Napoleon's sixth full length project of 2018, which features Noah-O, Skanks the Rap Martyr, DJ Akil and DJ TMB. Eyedee's dark and gloomy beats guides us through a harrowing tale of personal battles, loss and achievement as Napoleon Da Legend describes his experience in the Rap Life.


released July 20, 2018

All songs produced by Eyedee
All songs mixed and mastered by Napoleon Da Legend


all rights reserved



Napoleon Da Legend

Napoleon Da Legend. bilingual MC & Afrobeat artist from Comoros, living in Brooklyn, New York.

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