Path of a Warrior

by Napoleon Da Legend & DJ Doom



Path of a Warrior give us a first person view on Napoleon Da Legend's tumultuous journey of life and Hip-Hop. DJ Doom provides the gritty backdrop with samples chopped up courtesy of his SP1200. The album features General Steele of Smif-n-Wessun, DJ Eclipse, Q-Unique of the Arsonists, Blacastan and DJ Modesty. The entire LP was mixed by Eddie Sancho. Album art was made by Mark 563


released February 28, 2018

All tracks produced by DJ Doom
All tracks written by Napoleon Da Legend
Additional writing on "Love & Hip-Hop" by Shatic Mitchell
Mixed by Eddie Sancho
Album artwork by Mark 563


all rights reserved



Napoleon Da Legend

The Anti-Hero


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Track Name: Path of a Warrior
I walk heroically The other day My spirit spoke to me
Gave me a glimpse of what the future holds for me
It's a burdens to carry to constantly murder an adversary when I curve that ass that's another hatchet to bury
Got a cannon for a brain close to insanity Super Saiyan
Words getting more costly who can pay em
Touring across water eating good food who can blame him
Saying this and that about him but who complaining
That the life I chose ain't it no vacations till the top making statements my way of lifes so vain ain't it
Never obey rules in these symphonies I donate jewels
I'm the general who okays all the moves
This phase 2 chapter 3 page 2
Take a sniff of this'll make nose numb like free base do
Watch "Teenage Mutant" since an teenage knew I was a mutant
My basketball teammates knew this
Life can taste brutal leaves an aftertaste too tho
A wise man said tell it like it is they'll gravitate to ya
They can project they life thru ya you just talk about it
And I've Been doing just that just never thought about it
The path of warrior the story of a flawed man called Napoleon
But not the one down in Corsica
Protect my aura from snakes and devil worshippers
The trail of Dead corpses I left behind overwhelmed the coroner
Track Name: Napoleon Da Legend & DJ Doom featuring DJ Tha Boss - Gone
Napoleon Da Legend [verse 1]
Louis the 14th war machine they tried to quarantine Po
Through their corporate schemes
It’s didn’t work I put a fork in your team
You eat pork you fiends they wanna to rob you
For your hopes and extort your dreams
They wanna clone my genes decode my schemes
They know my breed Po Leo Eloheem
The flow crazy like Ceelo Green
I spit for the martyrs cause without them there wouldn’t be no me
I see no evil like Carlito in the scene triple beam kilos
I don’t express with no emo memes
Live life like Casinos take chances and risks
And won’t stop till my name rings like Championships
I might just be too advanced for this
My canon spits handsome clips
Soon as the wire transfer hits
I trade jewels with philanthropists but on the real I’m mostly motivated by those farmers on the field
Make the world feel it the legends the perfect weapon
Make my words feel as if Winston Churchill said em
Yo I swear they don’t really want it with the God
I came to change the game like the marijuana laws
Climax high stacks to spit mastered this
Next to my name there’s an asterisk
With a font note saying I’m in a class of my own
Make history grab the cash and I’m gone

DJ Tha Boss [Chorus Scratches]
After this you’re good as gone
Word is bond

Napoleon Da Legend [verse 2]
Yo they’ve been raping us for years
Caking up in the rear gave a few black Africans
A couple of chairs
At the big table just to make us think
Racism stopped we knew
Kept moving as we patiently watched
But what about Congo and Syria what about
Boko Haram dumb things we focusing on
Like who’s signed to what who made a deal with who
Children starving trying to get their bellies filled with food
So I don’t feel it when you talk clothes in every other rhyme
When you talk cars talk hoes in every other rhyme
But for real all you do is make the enemy
And those without the knowledge get the short end of the stick
It’s like a criminal befriending a snitch uncivilized
Simple minds think whatever trending is it
You ghostwrite I write for the holy ghost send them a hit
Rappers blowing up on some feminine shit mesmerized when the Benjamins flip just like a rock to a fiend
I navigate like black ops and Marine
Keeping watch like an Aquamarine
Selfish motherfuckers never take
The time to give props to their team
So while you popping clicquot they
Scheming on ya C-notes I reload
Speaking with the soul of Steven Biko
To rewrite history erase the norm cause
You can be popping today and next day you gone

DJ Tha Boss [scratches]
Track Name: Steve
Napoleon Da Legend [verse 1]
Steve was orchestrator stuck between the streets
And that corporate paper
Selling Coke to the co workers at the coffee maker
Kept a Small container under the desk
At Goldman Sacks trying to meet the goals his manager set
His word is bond he was a man of respect in money making manhattan he had to learn how to manage the stress
See his connect had him black mailed was
Making a 6 figure salary why would he risk going jail?
Trynna break the stereotypes of black male
3 kids a beautiful wife you bout to see for yourself
See his connect was a from a Mexican cartel not for the
Frail-hearted they just wanna sell product
See he was dibbling and dabbling supplying
Several buildings in his neighborhood
Had to deal with drama but the pay was good
Under the table straight cash no tax forms
He put his cousin on to move packs for em
That kid was like a savage used to keep an ax on em
Til the day they lined em with a few rack of em
Shot em in the head broad day he lay dead
That bullet was meant for Steve and the rumors start to spread
Don't get twisted Steve was educated he had degrees
And the game was getting too deep he knew he had to leave
Freelance accountant took his resume to job fairs
He knew the rep for Goldman Sachs when he got there
Omega Psi brothers from his Morgan State days
They used to run trains get drunk and play spades
But that night a chick was crying embarrassed all the sudden she was with it at first and then she wasn't
They stopped asking her if she aight tho.. she told em that she peeped a man filming em from outside the window
What a psycho , he was gone by the time they looked
Crying hysterically while they sitting there shook

Napoleon Da Legend [Chorus x2]
Have you ever made a pact with devil
You do one thing he'll take u another level?
Then it keep getting deeper and deeper
You gotta give something up u know the procedure

Napoleon Da Legend [verse 2]
7 years later jimmy from the cartel
Gave em a call cause he wanted him to sale
Ain't hard to tell had plans to infiltrate
The rich side of town he would pitch by pound his proposal was
Way out of bounds he knew Steve was done
I got the footage I can release that once
Steve knew he could lose his job worst maybe prison
Being the sole provider for his lady and his children
He kept selling tried to keep it low key
His colleagues had no idea he was a triple OG
Bought a 20 million dollar insurance policy
For extra protection on his life he knew about the streets
White collar worker double dipping making dollars at work
On some Kabala type entrepreneur
Left late one night he drove his car up the
FDR stressed and all he had as beat all sudden
Felt peace was a lefty took right with his off hand
Took the exit then his whip off the ramp
His body mutilated an escape from the life that he lived
Left 20 million to his wife and his kids

Napoleon Da Legend [Chorus x2]
Have you ever made a pact with devil
You do one thing he'll take u another level?
Then it keep getting deeper and deeper
You gotta give something up u know the procedure
Track Name: Condolences
Napoleon Da Legend verse 1
When someone's alive you don't wanna think they'll be gone
But perhaps the place they went to is the place they belong
And if You think about it life is short and it won't be long
Till you both be reconnected in an alternate form
Till this day I think of my dad and often I mourn
He worked to get me a better life than his since I was born
He brought the fam to America young and raised a son
Till the angels came to pick him up he had his run
Would play vinyls in the crib and play tapes in the car
Bob Marley and Jimmy cliff he held in major regard
Not conscious of the fact I was absorbing the soul
He broke the mold i peeped game
The young soldier would grow
He said don't forget your roots as a youth he took me back there
To the homeland the lifestyle I did the math there
Wouldn't believe the pain I felt
I kissed his forehead was cold his soul left
And flew back to the source

Napoleon Da Legend Hook x2
My condolences to all who experienced a loss
When u see a loved ones body and soul divorce
Nothing can prepare you when that bombshell hit
But there's a reason why you here so let their memory live

Napoleon Da Legend verse 2
So thin is the thread upon which our life hangs and we tend to put so much weight on light things
And we take so much for granted the beauty that life brings
Often take the short benefit sted of the right thing
Life's a test what the humans endure it's truly yours
Playing music while I'm touring this earth like troubadour
Life is fleeting oxygen ain't free
We pay the price for breathing
That's why I try to do what I do for the right reason
Mad regrets promise not to let the guilt hold me
Death gives meaning to life a Haitian woman told me
I live mines didn't buy the dreams you sold me I died and resurrected I'm different than the old me pour liquor for the homies
Who didn't live to see
Our accomplishments and still we acknowledge their history
When a flame fizzles and transitions to something more
We know it and we still miss em and it hurts much

Napoleon Da Legend Hook
My condolences to those
Who experienced a loss
When u see a loved ones body and soul divorce
Nothing can prepare you when that bombshell hit
But there's a reason why you here so let their memory live

Napoleon Da Legend verse 3
Peace dad we much alike we don't really show emotion
Rarely opened up to each other but we be knowing
You taught me discipline having respect for Myself
To be a good man and show the world the best of myself
When u broke out and had to do what you do I understood
I made the most of what I had don't worry I'm good
Forever thankful and privileged to have you there
I'm glad to be part of your legacy I'm glad you cared
Track Name: Propaganda
Slave labor low wages bad bosses no patience
Low income locations that's
Facebook instagram snap chat whatsapp
Trolling everybody gotta clap back
Democrats republicans and caucuses
Cutting healthcare we dumping corpses in they offices
Television internet newspaper magazine
Inoculating us with vaccines
Gangsta rap mumble rap what's up with that?
Grew up to half of that the other half I don't FUCK with that
The role of blacks in half the movies
I ain't have no weapon you ain't have to shoot me yo that's propaganda
Contaminated food supply who survives
Eric garner got brutalized he died that's propaganda
Mike brown Darren Wilson trayvon Zimmerman apocalypse is imminent
That's propaganda
Get Rich quick schemes criticizing countries then
Selling em an F 16 is propaganda
Alternative facts and dumb opinions politicians
Donald trumps twitter fingers that's propaganda
Fronting like you DJ pushing buttons straight fraudulent
U really push my buttons
Fronting like lifing but u not front like u writing
But u not like u piping but u not
Like u popping but u not like u copping but u not
Like u making profit but u not propaganda
Oscar winners algorithm mass prison
Black and white privilege motion pictures
That’s propaganda
Slavery and concentration camps Gaza and the West Bank
Race relations in France
Name brands labels and TV channels
ISIS and terrorists and celebrity scandals is Propaganda
Sports and all the performance enhancers
HIV and cancer who got the answers
That’s propaganda
Black or white picket fence a wife and a car
Children idolizing the life of a Star
The war on drugs Irak 9-11 cocaine or crack all of that is
Pop pills fast food hospital bills 2Pac alive all of the lies that told
Poverty and famine privacy rights is vanished hypocrisy on this planet is
Indoctrination unprotected penetration
Compromising self to get famous is
Only 6 songs in rotation
Some go to jail for murder some only get probation
It’s propaganda
Anonymous messages on the net the
Government is a trip the deficit never ends propaganda
Black on black scapegoating
Attention deficit you listening stay focused thats propaganda
Team This team that
Dark skin light skin brain wash eat SHIT
That’s propaganda
Snake friends
Scammers that manipulate to make ends
Bottles pop with late rent that’s propaganda
Fake personalities on radio
Fake personalities on radio
That’s propaganda
Name dropping every sentence
Selling drugs in every sentence brothers shot
In every sentence that’s propaganda
Social media beef and disrespect paranoia
You extend your hand in peace they suspect it’s propaganda

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