Steal This Mixtape 3

by Napoleon Da Legend

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  • Ltd. Steal This Mixtape 3 [CD] Napoleon Da Legend
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    Napoleon Da Legend comes back with a third installment
    to the “Steal This Mixtape” series, which evokes themes of Hip-Hop counter-culture.
    This one features reggae / dancehall artist Daddie Notch (Bankai Fam)
    and emcees Nejma Nefertiti and Jise One (Arsonists).
    NDL shares personal stories and social commentary over productions from Illmind, Frank Dukes, Jake One, Madlib, Jaylib, Party Supplies, RZA, Keni Burke, AZ Beats, Just Blaze, Quantic and more.

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No much has changed since part one... This periods been a dark one everything escalated accelerated and aggravated, climate change deniers, flat earthers, fake gurus And trained liars remnants of birthers Keyboard warriors moving their cursors division and racism Tikki torches erased wisdom biased police enforcement Were all targeted heavy victims of marketing movie producers frolicking derogatory comments turned apologists The music industry’s guilty of dumbing us down further While gatekeepers block our more profound versions Misusing the word culture to slowly drown its murder Moral deficit deeper than that of the national budget Mass incarceration why was Ronald Reagan heralded For starting a drug war he helped supply? Break families watching the helpless die selfish Lies agents doubling as black entertainers, child molesters and rapists They downpressed and withheld our wages And failed to properly educate us no longer will we tolerate it We gotta do it ourselves, eat better, live better, think better Make better choices and judgement, work with each other better let’s flip this pyramid scheme and myth of the American Dream uphold the responsibility of proliferating and carrying genes It’s starts today
Intro Speech "The finest warrior this planet has to offer I can sense no limit to his energy Somewhere on a far away planet A being exists who is my match One who can rekindle my passion for battle" Napoleon Da Legend [verse 1] You heard about the pain you heard about the grief You heard about my game I’m a certified beast Smack a gossiper drinking a lager watch my saga Continue countering contras like I’m in Nicaragua Seeing notes like Lady Gaga singing at her loudest You mocking our culture I’m making our people prouder Erase the doubters take a bow to Siddartha I’m Power Incarnated in a man I make a villain cower Slightly melancholic selling rhymes to make a dollar Crowds applaud em cause they really know what’s real about him Project my aura out from Wall Street to project corners Blasphemous challenge divinity make a god a goner Grey skin defending justice what a great king Still training ready for the challenges a day bring Dearly depart ya daily I’m a target But whats really scary is that I’m just barely getting started Napoleon Da Legend [Chorus x2] This is a state of mind prepared for my fate Face ya fears erase the fear on ya face Jiren the great Either you build or destroy I’m a kill and create Watch the opposition disintegrate Jiren the great Yo yo yo Napoleon Da Legend [verse 2] This the shit that got Jon Jones banned No man lands you represent what I can’t stand True power coming busting ya head with Nuke shower Rush with the velocity that knocked down the two towers It’s Jiren the shuriken thrower get some insurance I’m a purist Y’all zombie got the vaccine that’ll cure it fought Berrus and I can put a galaxy in check I came to collect your whole morality’s in debt doggie fetch You an insect ya songs is incest (Punch sound) thats chin check no argument been best Swipe u like debit card and I ain’t set the pin yet Take ya princess get the type of coverage Kim gets Flick you with my index damage ya body structure Blood gushing after-party flooded with some Russians I’m solitary I don’t talk u do the commentary Can never handle the weapons that PharaohGamo carry Chorus x2 Outro speech: "I am the dominator of the universe Eventually I found there were none left who can face me I came to know the torment of utter, all-emcompassing Boredom"
Katt Williams [intro] "Some of us are against the Illuminati And we are against the Illuminati at our own Detriment. When people are against the Illuminati They get punched in the face all the time, the press Hates em and nobody likes em... End quote" Napoleon Da Legend [verse 1] The corruption is blatant Got us suffocating blood pressure raising Need doctors to resuscitate ya We in a hologram polygraphs and dollar scams Another scapegoat isis over taliban What’s the difference between pre historic and Modern Man Did god make us in his image just to follow man? We spending dollars on the popular brands It’s propagand... artists selling products to fans Does god exist? Is it a he or a she Are you a sheep or a beast? Does it Matter what you perceive? Prestige and social status climbing the social ladder Something bad happens everybody wanna know about it Low salaries choking on some calories Elections racially charged Phones on low battery Drones surveillance, worshipping the A-list Putting each other down when our origin is sacred Marketing is changing our behaviors Poverty’s contagious it’s Sodom and Gamorrha in the matrix Smoke and black mirrors trynna stop the cash getters It’s lame, the music games full of ass kissers Morally bankrupt You saw me when I came up Same bluffs now I’m back fucking the game up Change up nothing but the beats I rock to Get u some Chinese creatine kid I got u This the shit that got Jon Jones banned Ambidextrous I can hit with both hands I can do what no man can I learned to survive in No Mans Land It’s time to reprogram ya whole plan From the shithole where they steal the gold and coltan And the petro, along with minerals in the land Suffer a thousand deaths for dissing the original man Make u feel the soul in it like an old school jam I’m the go to player kid my flow Sudan Wolfenstein eradicate the Ku Klux Klan Can give two fucks just like Ruk in the Boot Camp My shit is niche fuck mainstream that shit is sweet Virtually everything industry says I disagree Perfect symmetry of beef and conscious I don’t care about ya followers ya speech is nonsense They killed all the leaders from Malcom to Fred Hampton Threw a few of us some money held us for ransom Changed up the sound a few real left standing Last hard shit from the East was Dipset anthem That’s heatmakers and Juel Santana Live long like the revolutionary black Panthers Never that flash in the pan rap I’m pan-African pen massacres send ya ambassadors I been crafting this 20-20 lens crafter I been graphic I’m demolishing ya bracket On some fantasy rap shit, hand em a classic Random attacks, hand on my cannon I clap shit
Daddie Notch [intro] Haaaa Outta di dust Our people shall rise And victory shall not be denied Napoleon Da Legend [verse 1] Hope obliterated post race liberated Familiar names in Obituaries in the papers Corpses cremated strange fruit on trees hanging Slaves segregate incarcerate 3 phases Deshumanizing our nature in the legislature Emancipation was joke just to test our patience Kaleif browder is dead another martyr bred Our time on earth is short like Eric Garner’s breath Violence in our language is trivialized The music business rewards the uncivilized Misunderstanding the complexity of my complexion In the mirror conflicted when seeing my reflection Is it my Power you afraid of ? My prowess with the cadence I can just smile and exude greatness The world best scientists couldn’t explain it And everyday we make it thru despite is amazing Daddie Notch [Chorus x2] Straight through the struggle and trife we fight Straight through the pain of life we rise They wan' take our life But they can't break our pride Napoleon Da Legend [verse 2] Standing strong after the storm and the winds settle The pains only boosting up my strength level Pressing my luck cause being oppressed sucks Police pressing us the situation messed up Woman and man up we don’t get rest up Gotta give the best of myself I gotta step up Cause the stakes is raised up some wanna erase us Racist and then again afraid to face us So I praise everyday I day I wake up Shaking the game up adrenaline is pumping my veins up Making my way up we not from the same cut We gave you a chance you turned around and betrayed us Changed up the channel just to channel my anger Still surviving despite being embattled and banged up Blessed highly favored and prayed up never gave up Shaped up on the path to be great what!!?? Daddie Notch [Chorus x2] Straight through the struggle and trife we fight Straight through the pain of life we rise They wan' take our life But they can't break our pride
Black Rice 02:42
Napoleon Da Legend [verse 1] On my Kapernick activist bagging it up While u babbling I’m traveling and stacking em bucks Gut check from a javelin they patching em up I’m irrational and passionate when mashing em up Like Akhenaton tapping on buttons up at the Pentagon Megadon leader of the black Renaissance Dropping jewels for the neighborhood Youth The Last Mohican that the labels weren’t able to fool I Say the truth I don’t get paid to assume so stay tuned I don’t blame if you shocked you listen to fake news Day 1 they were skeptic I got em Day 2 Got em swearing the second of Christ came thru That’s Jesus ... that ain’t me I'm sipping grey goose Playing it cool that must be some good K2 Bring the cake thru and let the whole tape play thru Playing 2K black rice and boulet too You ain’t living it it’s too late to relate to This is the raw without the filter that T pain use Pre-game Booze it’s innate don’t debate fools Shredded headed to the caymans on a 3 day cruise Like Sekou Touré In Guinea I get busy The Chances of winning slim like Heidi Klum skinny The game is coon city half the shit they do silly I’ll be good new kicks and that triple goose fit me Napoleon Da Legend [verse 2] Blind to the hate I stay playing collie Buddz Solo rapper rock alone and kill a posse cut Now that I’m buzzing think I might need a body double Was blessed with god given talent and a lot hustle Fast-twitch muscle when I speak the shit subtle I don’t cuddle miss I still dodging piss puddles Shit is lit tho I’m flip mode in Gitmo, Diplo Should I let that kid flow? "Shit no" Slick flow Denzel I feel like I can’t fail Some claim they popping but I swear that I can’t tell Breath in a chem Trail let my lung sort it out Allergic to the bull peep the slug my gun coughing out Get tossed out should’ve put in now you lost out Going off route now its back to the dog house Napoleon Da Legend [verse 3] No competition was forced to battle my own shadow that would foreshadow the fact some rappers more fragile Carry the torch ride out without a horse saddle Dodging when they be sending shots I’m of course agile Stay the course stand firm like Jordan’s statue You crying for they support they wanna get passed you I'm just caught up in my capsule never passive My Sound’ll still be living after this era passes Like when crack brought terror to the masses Good and the bad it also brought rappers that were charismatic
Half a Mill 04:17
Half a Mill [intro] "Growing up in the projects is like You trying to find the right road There's a million roads to choose from These streets will definitely make you Or break you, teach you how to be a man Or clown. One of the other Easy to get on drugs, easy to sell drugs It's easy to get into a fight, it's easy to fight Easy to get killed, it's easy to kill somebody You know what I'm saying, it's that easy, seriously." Napoleon Da Legend [verse 1] Love ain’t part of equation often This world can leave you abandoned Like an Albanian Caucasian orphans Funeral service with a black man playing organ IRS in ya pockets you gotta pay em often Straight morphed into a blade brain lazer sharp Analyzing all the angles and I played the part We was born amazingly smart study the ancient arts Toxic energy I block off like H&R The streets my A&R block after block promotion Church and Ocean celebrate and pop mimosas I drop notions for ya third eye to open And glide over the ocean give fallopians slow convulsion I make ya mindstate reach Ketosis Decompose ya whole anatomies and Have you reach ya peak emotion They wanna ban my music so I hand to hand my music I’m addressing all the foul gossip and the rumors I’m not chance the rapper I’m not trans rapper Transform and slap ya I’m an advanced form of matter Humanoid I twist ya joints up like rheumatoid A lloyd of London with the power of a super droid A sly cyborg a sci-fi lord I don’t abide by laws a sense of pride I would die for I’m darfour times four and it’s a mind war You was born to be a god why you living blind for Napoleon Da Legend [verse 2] Blessings to the ancestors resting in the infinite Don’t put a limit on me these bullets indiscriminate I stare white supremacy in its face and demonstrate That I cannot integrate something that I originated Im way beyond what small minds can grasp Anybody break my projects down I send em my congrats No weapon made by man can stop me this is prophecy There’s no game without me no Trag... without Khadaffi That’s like pistol without a trigga party without no liquor that’s now cypher like Flipmode without a Diggah That’s like yo fuck that I’m just a scientist Ahead of my time the lines I spit ain’t even mine yet A thousand year out of my prime riding a comet I can see ya great-grand son writing a comment Ain’t a stage big enough to hold my weight my soul can make waves motivate the whole of the culture to go be great In this reality we co-create exfoliate Dumb motherfuckers some of y’all shouldn’t pro-create All u do’s appropriate I’m a repo And when I speak truth to power watch the people repost You coward we pull ya peacoat Time to reload Bruise ya ego the Eloheem got em emo I’m a keep spreading the math until all of the masses fell Minus the mass appeal Rest In Peace Half a Mil
Napoleon Da Legend [verse 1] Show me who’s successful who behind em benefits Put a mirror to they face notice em get sensitive Everything you know about rappers I’m the anti-thesis I’m what happens when you mix the soul with some arithmetics Made music selfishly mixtapes is infamous Soon to be litmus test for other lyricists Broke down the system refusing to be victimized That’s Signifies I stand by my brothers like I’m sigma phi Epsilon High echelon spit til my breath gone Then You can send the contract and now let’s it get it on Smif-n-Wesson song next level lexicon Standing next to devils that pentagrams is a hexagon Like the shape of France I don’t wanna slave for bands Carved a path and built my temple I don’t need to make a band Started to read speaking like a educated man Smuggling contraband through an entertainment brand I got a greater plan currency is trading hands Paint a picture on ya wall without having na spray a can Graffiti rhyme scheme nerfitti mind reader Holding the down the fort like Hotel Rwanda Don Cheadle Got em addicted heroin needles on the vinyl Final call peep my word like it’s on the Bible Speech is homicidal sub-consciously I travel Divine geometry that sub-atomically attract you Deuteronomy the second law mood swings Like wrecking balls These rappers gassed up on ethanol Part of me is Escobar nah I don’t connect with y’all Doing squats my legs are sore taking baths with epson salt Napoleon Da Legend [hook] Witness a queen speak Nejma Nefertiti [hook] Witness a king talk Napoleon Da Legend [hook] Make it a clean sweep Nejma Nefertiti [hook] Get em with the pitch fork Napoleon Da Legend [hook] This is encrypted like Nejma Nefertiti [hook] Symbols and hieroglyphics Napoleon Da Legend [hook] Civilizing savages and Nejma Nefertiti [hook] This is how we living X 2 Nejma Nefertiti [verse 2] Nefertiti Adirondack flow you already know I’m too futuristic and advanced for ya’ll to catch me though Where intellectual meets the ghetto I’m flexible Freedom fighter stance this injustice unacceptable Not to the right of you Not to the left of you On another level, so much more impeccable Legendary like Napoleon multi dimensional Revolutionary unforgettable professional You lacking common sense and consciousness it isn’t sensible Far beyond the usual volume 10 times the decibels I am exceptional sexually irrepressible They couldn’t take my soul when I did 5 up in correctional I’m too respectable to deal with ya’ll unethicals They ask me what my secret is I eat my vegetables Dope fiend rap Donald Goines you susceptible Smacking on them veins my word form injectable Commemorative mint condition a real collectible Going up in herstory undeniably ineffable I am the Tao of lyricists there’s none identical Ride the beat like a super shero it’s all intentional You talking too much shit while grabbin on ya genitals Homophobe behind doors a bonafide homosexual Anything you do I do it better on my menstrual Keep it 100 like a perfect score on a test in school Not impressed with you annihilate a sesh or two Trifecta personal Venus grace a perfect pentacle Across 5 points 6.7 mill authentical Abundance only is my new mantra plentiful Napoleon Da Legend [hook] Witness a queen speak Nejma Nefertiti [hook] Witness a king talk Napoleon Da Legend [hook] Make it a clean sweep Nejma Nefertiti [hook] Get em with the pitch fork Napoleon Da Legend [hook] This is encrypted like Nejma Nefertiti [hook] Symbols and hieroglyphics Napoleon Da Legend [hook] Civilizing savages and Nejma Nefertiti [hook] This is how we living X 2
Napoleon Da Legend [verse] Drinking ginseng tea she rocked pink mink We hit the gym i had just gave my ex the pink slip 20 set squat barbell heavy set Spotting her from the back her face cherry red Felt the burn after 500 side lunges Visualizing our body for the July summer Double dip on our dips Felt the pump in my tricep Her body right like Rosa Acosta We had the gym to ourselves I knew the manager We hit the sona she start to put on me like Pamela Disclaimer adult language bout to ensue If got kids suggest you tell em to leave the room We was dripping like a Chinese sweat shop Look at her breast shorty was stacked like a Brinks truck Kinky as fuck too Timbuktu And both single as fuck no need to think this thru We was sweaty both of us smelling like a zoo Animal sex the lady was riding my bamboo Hitting every note with a slowlong heavy stroke Ripples in her thighs thicker then an Iberico Loving the slope on her back made her shoulders crack I’m so cold my tongue put her clit in a cul-da-sack Post-workout snack put protein in her bag You can post on Snap let em chat Napoleon Da Legend [Chorus x2] Dips pulls ups crunches Burpees push ups and lunges We gonna get ya body right We gonna get ya body tight
Napoleon Da Legend [hook] Days of my Youth 2 Back in the days when I was young All we knew was sneaking out of school And acting dumb Chasing these broads to get the buns Spit rhymes play ball it was so much fun Reminiscing on Napoleon Da Legend [verse 1] How you rise to your potential in the midst of crime central? Wanna borrow games? how about the 5 that I lent you? We gonna run it back minus Malik on the team He be turning the ball over and his defense is weak Feeling chic high top sneaks with extra large jeans After ball we pushing weights I did my set to Mobb Deep Paul’s a hater had Decepticon and Autobot beef His game was garbage probably studied tapes from Olden Polynice Stretch marks between my shoulders and chest I'm getting bigger mad at myself When I would miss Rap City with Big Tigga Most the girls would claim they were virgins like Richard Branson Rocked the strength shoes and Worked on my footwork like Barry Sanders Rushing to grow up would fantasize on hitting clubs up Most of the decent girls in school were acting stuck up You know what? all this rejection built up my character Flew overseas it hit me damn I grew up in America Napoleon Da Legend [hook x2] "You ain't got a job Tommy!" Now he's resting in Peace She gave me a hug and a kiss what an affectionate tease She was 3 years my senior yet she recognized my genius Big homie scooped me up his whip had extra large speakers We would analyze flics like Juice and Menace to Society Bragging about the chicks he pulled that sucka used to lie That's his prerogative like Bobby remember Bell Biv? Selfish for life T was allergic to shell fish Copped a Bath Ruth and a 64 ounce slurpee Favorite color was blue I used to hate Bobby Hurley Nothing personal I was a Terp cops came we was alert Jessica was teasing me to death she was a flirt Scotty used to cheat he used to sneak to smoke weed They sent his ass back to Gabon that's a country overseas I had the crazy handles used to watch Childress Randolph And write breakthrough lines like Ernest Byner on the hand off The Wizards were the Bullets Manute Bol would shoot 3s My mentor was Ron Williams I was told to do me Doc's Gym Iverson used to come with Norris Moochie When you dropping 27 a game you getting groupies I loved it Naive showing affection out in public Thought she loved me, that reality check was the roughest Dreams of playing at the Rucker Conversations were like "How we rank among the best in the nation?" Slam Magazine Hip-Hop quotables in the Source Rocking Illmatic in a Walkman portable of course Used to watch Beavis and Butthead what a horrible show How I grew to be a man only the oracle knows it goes... Napoleon Da Legend [hook] Ahmad [hook] Back in the days when I was young I'm not a kid anymore But some days I sit and wish I was a kid again
Napoleon Da Legend [verse 1] Before Palpatine colonized the continent Raped and try to mentally sodomized our dominance Steal from the land and kill children women and man Imposed religion turned our homes to concentration camps Now it’s more weapons tribal factions Violent practices rivals wanna get it cracking Before slavery made us distant cousins And Got us dissing our brothers like in living color Dirty dozens following trends like a herd of mouton Judge Dred serving us justice is the repercussion Facts tho they want our black gold to stack dough They stole our Afros injections in there butt to make they ass grow Changed our borders turn around take our resources Then come back with some fake ass peace offering Camouflaged in the mangroves this is a guerrilla war Eating off the land where the plants grow Napoleon Da Legend [hook] This the rhythm of the African Drums Red black and green flag waiving at sun In the cities the villages jungles and the slum No matter where you at still rep where you from It goes Fela Kuti, Patrice Lumumba, Nelson Mandela Papa Wemba, Zao, Salif Keita, Angelique Kidjo, Digbeu Gohou, Alpha Blondie, Tyken Jah Fakoli Hannibal Barca, Chinua Achebe, Biko Zulu And Tutu, Marcus Garvey Thomas Sankara, Toussaint, Marley Napoleon Da Legend [verse 2] Cassava leaves in Brazzaville where we shop and chill In Ghana we build where else u get that kind of feel? Plus the melanin is excellent color tones Is subtle poems ya mothers cooking got u running home Rhythmatic posture with cinematic shakras Go to Ethiopia the traffic there’ll shock ya Drum beats inventors of the baseline runs deep Make you see the unseen power from the sun beams beaming With knowledge like the Dogon tribe Same mystique energy that makes Gohan fly Masai Warriors and Haile Selassie carry the god seed And breaking out of the cycle we living now free free free Botswana Small time little league playa pop warna African investments Akon electric WiFi connections with a beautiful complexion Napoleon Da Legend [hook] This the rhythm of the African Drums Red black and green flag waiving at sun In the cities the villages jungles and the slum No matter where you at still rep where you from It goes Fela Kuti, Patrice Lumumba, Nelson Mandela Papa Wemba, Zao, Salif Keita, Angelique Kidjo, Digbeu Gohou, Alpha Blondie, Tyken Jah Fakoli Hannibal Barca, Chinua Achebe, Biko Zulu And Tutu, Marcus Garvey Thomas Sankara, Toussaint, Marley
Napoleon Da Legend [verse 1] Hey yo Netflix cut Monique a check give her what she worth Let her earn so we get it when we get our turn Race and gender always part of the agenda Imagine if we all came together like Avengers From the fringes to pop-culture mainstream Even though my name seems politically incorrect I’m still threat Like Alcinder at the rim staring at the winter Like Kaepernick on his knee like an Aborigi.... Just a tad richer and a tad is relative Reminisce my days past had spat with relatives Sprinkle some western education mixed with melanin Tell a friend to tell my friend my opps took an "L" again Duke Ellington smooth not what they tell you at school If you don’t research I can tell you a fool Buying more shit so you fit more they slept on me so I snuck through while they snored this what I'm built for Killgore slash king without the decor Non shaded untainted my fabric my raw When I got back from Comores? I was lost and confused A young adult still with something to prove Had to shake it up and move That’s the best thing I ever did Caught ya attention like a chick with a big set of tits Getting paid for conversation that’s my type of life I had to try quench my insatiable appetite Once In a blue moon Cheese puffs and blue moons In my boom boom room we hit it off boom boom Whats ya definition of a coon? Let’s set the rules so we can kick em all out and make room Black Excellence Keni Burke [Chorus] Napoleon Da Legend [verse 2] Black excellence what does that mean? Being black excellent with an immaculate team? Being black and relevant thats an industry term Having melanin? and hitting the epitome curve? Is it uplifting or marketing? Am I drifting? Is it pitch to make money and another gimmick ? To fool blacks and other into buying a product? Is it for profit? and is there something wrong profit? Is a benchmark? For all to strive to reach for? Is it detour? An insecurity hiding a deep flaw? Is it really the best? Who selects em? People in power? Making money off of our affection? Black excellence I like that term Cause why not? Try to be best in all your work You push me i push you pull me I pull you Cause I don’t see any other way we gonna pull thru This terrain complex full of pain and bomb threat Frame of mind of a young bull mix with a calm vet If it’s about progress then I’m on deck You can miss me with all the rest you on the wrong thread And If you ain’t about the people u a non-threat Cause without the action black excellence is just a concept We got the rock now lets run the play Black excellence minus the black on black gun-play And that’s on any given Sunday we done prayed We gonna raise the bar Born from the particles that make stars Nina Simone [speech] "My job is to somehow persuade them To get more aware of themselves and where they came From and what they are into and what's already there And to bring it out. This is what compels me to compel them And I will do it by whatever means necessary..." Keni Burke [hook]
La Pluie 03:00
Jise One [verse 1] Brainstorm crash the weather advisory The mind freeze in the midst of a heatwave, the step sway blindly But I could smell the decay, the "L" accumulate, but still on track smashing the relay race Through all seasons, for all reasons An acquired taste in treason break mirrors like promises Ride in the coaster, keep ya feet in I'm lo key, OG'd up...leaving the seat up! Put it together, take it apart! May as well signed a pre-nup Love and hate are one in the same With a grain of salt, pain will assault Lt ya, so I dead it, look at the outline, that's fresh chalk The eyes clear, but I'm edgy like the life of a turbulent storm, in exuberant form while the sky looks torn Born royalty, adorned prophecy, enslaved in poverty, nail me to the cross and mock me, you can't stop Me! That's good yo Napoleon Da Legend: Good looking Napoleon Da Legend [hook x2] Don't mean to rain on your parade Take a swig of this elixir sure to take away your pain Wash it all down, ya lenses seem tainted In a form of a dream woke up and then create it Napoleon Da Legend [verse 2] Yo Peeping the carcass’s that darkness left Architect I parallel parked the car then I left The gods told y’all to guard ya neck you face ya worst fear U gonna third eye, second nose and third ear Fourth leg and fifth arm drank a fifth of Tiger Bone Gambled with life I just couldn’t leave the dice alone Mutant powers in effect without the side effect It’s now or nev... I live my life like there’s an hour left With a legacy’s to overpower death remember when I ate cereal mixed with milk from a cows breast No longer Kelogg, Napoleonic tell-all Biographic sledge hammer that’ll knock ya head off See it rolling down ya shoulder blade That’s what’s you get for culture rape Now ya inner organs turn to vulture bait Formulate a plan to save mankind How many times I’ve been told I’m out my damn mind Anti-establishment I’m not the one to stand-by I’m short but me coming up short is a damn lie Spit quotes more famous than Pinky’s tan line Pull up to ya block like a Mickey Ds franchise Expand out I seen ya play ya man out Turned ya back on your people now tell me how it panned out Never went the spam route my regular can stand out I’m just another unwelcomed guest in Uncle Sam's house Napoleon Da Legend [hook x2] Don't mean to rain on your parade Take a swig of this elixir sure to take away your pain Wash it all down, ya lenses seem tainted In a form of a dream woke up and then create it
Absence Felt 03:00
Napoleon Da Legend [verse 1] I'm spirit minded career rhymer Bad experience catastrophes appear minor I'm analogue peep the catalogue Never hide an behind avatar the accolades I get cover my battle scars "we survivors man' I'm avant-guard universal math of god I don't appeal to masses but rep the masses hard Racketeer smuggled bars in ratchet atmosphere Grab a beer we took an oath not to discuss whatever happens there "that's sacred" Giving the vibe away it's only my choice U can tell I speak my truth from the tone of my voice Camouflage, samurai, sun of Ra, enterprise Analyze, my aura shine so bright can make rock star camera shy Napoleon Da Legend [speech] I just did what I felt inside of my heart man They tried to steer me left they tried to steer me right And I tried dibbling and dabbling in certain things but It always came back to this man This is my truth right here man This is what wakes me up in the morning This is what keeps me going this is The fuel that’s inside of my engine right There u know what I’m saying So I gotta stay true to it every single day word up Napoleon Da Legend [verse 2] Machismo overload soul controller flow That's the Holy Ghost that's in me drunk off the power But I'm sober tho Our passion ain't compatible Compassion is comparable to Passages and parables that the Bible tried to pass to you "Seek and you will find" Not a religious thing I'm just a king I'm just keen on certain things certain kinks in the ways that a person thinks Certain imperfections are a blessing his or her perception Can effect the way u step in stay sharper than curry Stephen "Stay sharp with it" Opportunity knocking this is for youth at the bottom Carry the truth like a prophet "We live and learn" I’m super human colossus that’s proven knowledge "That's fact' Smack the serpent pick the fruit from the garden I’m gone
Ice-T 01:35
Exhibit Z 03:54
Napoleon Da Legend [verse 1] I dream of us being free Anybody in the way can just suck TNT A diamond in the rough like it was mixed down from D&D From DC was back and forth like Run-DMC Still tons for me see was told wise men travel Went hard like the mentality when linesmen tackle Gamble like it’s a crap shoot life’ll send shots at you Penetrated thru my flesh like bombshell sharpnel Non religious sitting in a chapel looking at the ceiling like Something just ain’t feeling right Ever since the civil rights our people got soft complacent this entertainment got em thinking it’s only way for us to make it We wanna be the next Diddy, not the next Fred Not the next Baldwin, Malcom X dead Martin assassinated, our architects bled Who’s the next Nina Simone? X-clan and Public En... Cause we’ll die for waiting for demoCRATS and RepubliCans Do the knowledge stead of listeNING to ya bombaclot friends Cause History repeats that slavery can come again Matter of fact it never left got us eating crumbs again That’s the plan I’m eating plantain Johannesburg Keeping in line with the magnetic fields of planet earth Napoleon Da Legend [verse 2] This candidate is Manchurian Travel thru time like a samurai Shuriken This is alkaline for ya body let’s make it pure again African blood I’m not pilgrim or a Puritan My creed is durable like Aztec structures Inner peace means move passed past tense ruckus Move passed the crabs in the bucket I’m act like Just Blaze is in the room Hitting the pads and the buttons Move past the rats and the gluttons action over discussion No longer trapped in Babylon’s dungeon I’m a break a shackles off can care less about stat reports Mapping out my course everything else is just afterthought This a master course you can go tell Oprah bout it Funny throughout the years was quantum leaping over doubters The droughts over I got it from here Peace to the fallen soldiers The soul of Pac is roaming thru the atmosphere Third world nothing but survivors here We were chosen to inherit the earth We the bottom tier I’m here volunteer
[Napoleon Da Legend verse] The biggest lie the devil told was that he didn't exist That we accepted a second class status and didn't resist That white privilege was something made up like science fiction That American is wasn't built on the back of a violent system But our gut told us different see the color of this body Made this lady wanna cross the street instead of walk by me Or cops stopping me next to the subway station Claiming I fit the description of a crime investigation when they They see my name on a resume then it's decimated What's up my man what's the reason for the hesitation Explain this Why my accolades look less amazing ? Don't want your sympathy just fees and reparations see When we say white privilege first they think excuses Cause a few of us made it so the rest of us are useless But some others have it hard to We can have all of the same things But it feels we have to work twice as hard to We ain't scared to work hard even tho we didn't start off With a million dollars that was in Donald Trumps cards Same song cause what doesn't kill us it makes us strong Felt the pain repeatedly we no longer afraid of harm We learned to be more crafty talk a little slicker Jump a little higher and think a little quicker Run a little faster sleep a little less Studied a bit more and learned better to manage stress And it's all a bit ironic like Alanis morrisette Got us all looking up to western ideals for respect Singling out success like Morris chestnut on a set Straight Pimping all of our talent then collecting all the checks Privilege is a right a special edge or an advantage Fuck it we got better when the system left us abandoned Black Privilege cause the upper class had its turn White is what is given and black it's what's earned Haves and the have nots u won't give us our share So we take it updated and we coming up the stairs Black Privilege [Charlamagne Tha God] Underground rappers are broke (laughter) you ain't got no money, you ain't got no job [Napoleon Da Legend] Damn Charlamagne right off the gate you have to be disrespectful though [Charlamagne That God] You a very underrated lyricist. People watching this interview right now like who the hell is this guy [Napoleon Da Legend] I'm glad you said that cause we all need an introduction. I'm a tell yall a story about how it all lead up to this [Napoleon Da Legend verse] Wrote black Privilege for steal This Mixtape too Tapped Mad Squablz for it the young homie came thru Shot the video and dropped it music box copped it Dropped some jewels for those who operate with flawed logic Then the homie told me Charlamagne was dropping a book It's gonna give the concept legs that's a quality look I had some shirts made already I could drop em a few I waited in a front of the station 3 hours for duke Was cold as fuck ignored envy as he walked up Angela came an hour later word she was dolled up His boys wax was posting up as he stepped out his car "Peace Charlamagne I got something for you and ya squad" He paused "I meant a gift beloved I came in peace I got a song called black privilege and gave him a T" He said "Dope! I wrote a book that had the same title" "Congratulations! Spread the gospel like the saints in the Bible" He gave me dap and said "respect" then he dashed upstairs And literally two minutes later he was live on air I understand you a successful man so I kept it moving Ideas is worth nothing with no proper execution Next day seen sway the same way gave him a hoodie First reaction I'm a wear this today it's all goodie Posted the video sales went up Around the time taxstone went to jail that was bugged But where's the black privilege when you be dissing on ya guest On ya hoodie underlined with a sentence on ya chest And see you good at what you do and that's obvious fact People share more interviews that get the audience mad Fickle when u lose em hard to get ya audience back Bringing Farrakhan don't be that Pharaoh conning ya pack Ya Black Privilege is burned when corporations help you earn I see ya work in Carolina to give back in return Talking about gangsta rapper and their image in rap But you talking and shining light on mostly rappers that trap Or claim it I know ya struggles with Wendy and other stations The success and the scrutiny coming from publications I salute you love you as a brother even as stranger It always good to see black man who made it Wanna see you reaching higher don't resent those who ya voice represents we still holding ya feet to the fire Black Privilege [Napoleon Da Legend Chorus] Came from the bottom straight to the top my name Po what you know about me? From the bottom straight to the top name Po what you know about me? From the bottom straight to the top name Po what you know about me? What you know about me? [Napoleon Da Legend verse] Black Privilege black black privilege That's the premise if you black then u primitive That's the main stream I don't play the same stream This ain't fast food I don't sell fake dreams I spit it different with the words yea I give my own definition to the words yea I put my vision in these words and disturb Then I Destroy the system with my word yea They call me Po never riding coat tails No crimes no coke sales no gunshots no jail No co-signs from a Nobel prize winner If u building then I side with cha yea Climb with cha break bread drink wine with cha It's not about the bank account kid my mind richer If you a snake spend no time with cha Never blind with cha never stand in line with cha Stand tall I can tell you got some pride witcha White privileges is what's given from society Cops Letting go after you failed ya sobriety Good jobs good schools u get the first dibs Ya whole profile on paper looking perfect Black Privileges what u did to make yourself better Gave yourself an edge in life being a go getter Never quitting when the odds go against you Working on ya talent to be sharper than a ginsu Slice the competition cause u better now u get fetta now It's on another level now Create my own Privilege I'm different Everything I say sound different Everything I wear look different I'm different spit to beat that I kill for a living Black Privilege black black privilege Black privilege that's my Privilege [Napoleon Da Legend Chorus] Came from the bottom straight to the top my name Po What you know about me? From the bottom straight to the top name Po What you know about me?


Napoleon Da Legend comes back with a third installment to the “Steal This Mixtape” series,
which evokes themes of Hip-Hop counter-culture.
This one features reggae / dancehall artist Daddie Notch (Bankai Fam)
and emcees Nejma Nefertiti and Jise One (Arsonists).
NDL shares personal stories and social commentary over productions from Illmind, Frank Dukes,
Jake One, Madlib, Jaylib, Party Supplies, RZA, Keni Burke, AZ Beats, Just Blaze, Quantic, Maurice Johnson, Jay Williams and Thievery Corporation.


released April 2, 2018

Artwork by Timothy Wasicky
Produced by Illmind, Frank Dukes,
Jake One, Madlib, Jaylib, Party Supplies, RZA,
Keni Burke, AZ Beats, Just Blaze Quantic


all rights reserved



Napoleon Da Legend

Napoleon Da Legend. bilingual MC & Afrobeat artist from Comoros, living in Brooklyn, New York.

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