Steal This Mixtape Too

by Napoleon Da Legend

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  • Steal This Mixtape Too [Compact Disc] - Napoleon Da Legend
    Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    Jewel case compact disc. Napoleon Da Legend, Brooklyn by way of the DMV rapper, urges us to “Steal This Mixtape Too”. “STM2” is comprised of 20 concept tracks “stolen” from Madlib, Diplo, Rick Ruben, J Dilla (RIP), Dirty Art Club, Onra, The Alchemist, Jay Electronica, MF Doom, Illmind, X Clan, Maker and DJ Muggs. This project also features performances from Narubi Selah, Mad Squablz, Skeezo and ProducHer Beats. The first single / video is titled “Black Privilege” produced by IllMind directed by Rae Maxwell featuring Mad Squablz, which challenges common stereotypes associated with “White Privilege”. This lyrically dense, politically-charged and deeply personal project opens yet another chapter into Napoleon’s versatile skill-set and revolutionary mind-state.

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Eracism 01:17
Bars 101 01:32
You gotta be kidding a lot of yall are beginners Clogging the business in the kitchen cooking yall should just be Washing the dishes on social media clocking my pictures Watching me get it god forbid the following he got’ll topple the system It’s god given I would die for this surviving in this wilderness You filming this? Bars 101 inside the syllabus Spiritually a lyricist fly bandit with high standards Making moves while I’m standing and quite frankly I’m Cut from the clothe of Myer Lansky This is the grand scheme rack a gang of green You catching gangrene sipping sangria You waiting for the man to free us Transmitting via satellite with the panacea Panoramic anagram only the famalam can understand Random taking artists out like the son of Sam I go hard on these chicks like Roxanne you a sham I’m God Shamgod with the hands God Damn God or Man is he God or man? Got product you can cop I got a box in the van
Verse 1 [Napoleon Da Legend] Highly debated documented from the bottom how I made it On a long journey got a marathoner’s dedication Muscles sore double shot of adrenaline in my core Feeling the hot sun beating on my melanin more You’ll never understand my pain and what I effin’ endure “No” is “Yes” don’t accept rejection anymore The embodiment of strength god gave me the gift All these jealous haters patiently waiting to see me slip Climbed a mountain just to find another mountain to climb They wanna muffle my voice they tried to silence my mind But I’m here! You can’t humiliate or kill me with fear I’m full of life that makes me rich I’m billionaire Regardless your education your bank account and your privilege I’m achieving more with less and that’s where the difference is I’m focused can never take it away from me Salute the G I’m going all in pray for me! Chorus Verse 2 [Mad Squablz] Sellin me short I’m sellin my knack for dying they say cause I’m black I’m showing my lack of triumph attack and conquer we have to prosper they can’t decline us try to desecrate as we pose a threat to ya whole environment strength in numbers they hate to love us we know that’s why a lot was taken from us there’s strength in color was infiltrated mainly to make sure you hate ya brother giving us drugs and weapons to help us erase each other its wicked listen they privilege is white our privilege is death they living the life we live in distress scrambling tryna find the answers to this madness the sadness why the hell a white man gotta to kill us for us to realize we matter batter and bruised I’m either mad or confused we have to win every battle either that or we lose unbeatable when united that’s the only way to fight it fists up eff the system yeah they know we the truth
Andromeda 02:10
[Verse 1: Napoleon Da Legend] I touch a generation what I generated got em jaded I dropped a tape all this garbage no longer tolerated You dropped your pants to get famous I’m anticipated I got a plan and plus I cannot be manipulated I’m from the jungle half of you bums is domesticated My sound is rugged but I like my chicks sophisticated Fuck with me I’m KGB get physically eliminated Its rather particular the way that I articulate it Your raps is gibberish I rep for the indigenous You getting cash I’m getting stocks that give up dividends That’s the fundamental difference Not to mention the legend’s not sentimental kid I’m not conscientious Bomb your henchmen catch me on the big shit Lama’s spit bullets to racist folks acting condescending Get smacked like Trump supporters at a Farrakhan speech The pharaoh lives long like the legacy of Sean P listen [Chorus x2: Sean P] I’m in a whole different space call it Andromeda Battlestar Galactic with the ratchet I will lama ya [Verse 2: Napoleon Da Legend] Proper Kundalini opposite of Mussolini Picture two centerfolds poolside in blue bikinis Who can see me send a missile through your beanie Whodini if you don’t like it delete me In a tipi with a native you might see me on a playlist Might be cheating on your wife she might be cheating with your neighbor They watching every step thinking you smarter than the rest Ready to stab you in the back like Monica Seles People love success but they hate successful people So I let my music do the damage that’s the lesser evil The devil’s in the details reach levels unheard So when you hear a bar from PO put respect on his word
Brother J 03:08
[Verse1 : Napoleon Da Legend] Camouflage dashiki Anunaki species Kamikaze god body in a tipi Your gossip was leaky watch when you speak me My life much liver than what you watching on TV The beast rapes Africa Machiavelli massacre You fronting with a mask on ya I’m a hunted gatherer I’m coming that’s the date that you circle on your calendar You die by the gun when you flirting with the caliber Arthur with Excalibur scar a challenger Eating halibut in Austria the kid is awfully talented Jigsaw quick with the draw Chuck Norris Better withdraw like a corner with a drug shortage Your career gets cut shorter get deaded for cutting corners I’m clutch like Jordan in the fourth quarter Sucks don’t it? Fast rhymes over produced Not even half as good put the one over the two Or the three over the six do the math it’s half The last shall be the first so who gets the last laugh Penetrate the zone like Isiah Thomas in the Pistons Oppress us with some diabolical intentions I tell it unapologetic they stole the swag stole the land Sold it back and we still owe tax Blow stacks to show status status quo is this establishment I quote Brother J time to civilize the savages [hook x4: Brother J] Here’s the move cause I see none I never boast I never brag I get the job done [verse 2: Napoleon Da Legend] The messiah was prophesized on Sumerian rocks Then the dots start to connect on luciferian plots They built projects we call em experiment blocks Start to speak out you get put on a terrorist watch Racist chatter to make the electorate hit the polls You want to be a star for them you gotta fit the mold Cause ignorance is big money they caking on us Making promises turn around and faking on us How long you gonna fall for the trap? They switched the rapping to trap So many failed cause it’s actually that Ducking bullets like Donald Trump be ducking questions Too much aggression growing up in spots drug infested America’s a colony they occupy the streets Showing documentaries that make us idolize thieves But my third eye sees that the system is rigged The rich get rich had to switch the way that I think Urban scientist masters of the earth’s environment They threw us dirt then we turned it into diamonds Search for the knowledge while you burn through your dollars Hitting dermatologists to fit in bleach your skin And teach kids to hate their melanin Drugs you selling em you intelligent but now the beast arrested your development Blissful state of ignorance fickleness leads the bitterness Peace to Brother J I’m a let him finish it [hook x4: Brother J] Here’s the move cause I see none I never boast I never brag I get the job done I'm not the monkey political, nor am I the physical The rhythmical spiritual, the mystical magical Movement is circle, never 90 degrees of a square I'm the gorilla - robotics will run in a scare Just to find that the zero's the ground
[Verse 1: Napoleon Da Legend] Diet plant based roaming in Savannah landscapes Secret handshakes we syphon ya fanbase Plan dates to inundate your airwaves all day Lurk in every corner like that roach in the hallway Tribal sacrilegious ceremonies we got machetes But'll put the double barrel to you homie Can't teach this my DNA kid I bleed this Genius dropped part one and made em fiend this Brothers trying to sound deep talk about Egypt I tell em take a trip there before they start speaking Abidjan don style is Burkina Faso murder y'all slow while I'm swerving thru Lagos God knows I'm nice large bowls of rice It's a gold mine we rock keep large goals in sight [Verse 2: Napoleon Da Legend] I’m futuristic I rap in a Delorian Bums I’m cum ladi slum valedictorian When I bless I get press like peterians I hit em with the African heat sub-Saharian Get C-notes in my section we call it a caesarian The force of a galloping horse no Sagittarius Clandestine guided by my ancestors Shark tank spark an idea get mad investors Cameroonian Liberian anthem Whole team shady like Nigerian bankers Used to have anger issues now I let the slang hit you When the music has you traveling lands then its official I’m a survivor came a long way from the bottom And now I got it sip colladas in Addis Ababa Modern day Garvey Marcus logic The richest continent coming together we marching This for my people
Freedom 03:11
[verse 1: Napoleon Da Legend] Incorrect intellect on Internet spread Political threats when you speak the truth to heads Losing respect for these rooster head cats who mislead All the masses into thinking it was cool to beg It’s lies to me I’m only civilized to a degree The sodomist philosophy won’t agree with the god in me Solomon breed turn to bottom feeders inside of gotham fiending For a pot to piss in the clock’s ticking hard to be so optimistic Positive thinking is key symphonies come in epiphanies We don’t want no sympathy If you live to see passed 25 you a god Cause the odds are against that hard for them to defend that If power was a guitar then who’s pulling the strings black? From PE to X-Clan I’m bringing that thing back We selling drugs on the same streets they used to lynch at Freedom lies beyond where the fence at remember that [hook x4: Napoleon Da Legend] Freedom is in the mind [verse 2: Napoleon Da Legend] Me and the queen at the door Cuba Afena Shakur Mahogany scenery playing like I seen it before Speak for the poor throughout the years you seen me mature ‘f I didn’t learn from my mistakes I would repeat em for sure 2 pennies a thought great bars worth millis and more Riding till the wheels fall and my Achilles is torn The city’s yours feeling like Iverson before the draft Everybody saw the potential way before came the cash Plate of sweet potato mash say grace then we laugh Sacrificed my life for this you can say I’m a sado-mas Socrates and Plato math I played the back and studied Don’t sleep on this humility pay me in cash money Hit the pavement in Beijing we don’t play with these things My name rings taking selfies in Dubai on skate rinks See my name on the Sphinx moving cake like Brinks Sometimes I stop and meditate on how great and blessed my life is [Verse 3: Napoleon Da Legend] Had to stop playing roles resistance’ll take a toll Or let the wind take control of my bare naked soul Gliding like the fingers of Curtis Mayfield on the instrument And stretch my vision further than just getting the Benjamins Its cleansing and quite pleasant a glimpse of heaven cause Peace inside the mind is where you find the essence Where you find answers to all your questions Erasing doubts you can see the devilish energy and chase it out Vice breeds inside the psyche twice the light speed I rather live my life then dream of how it might be Keeping my third eye open on this earth I’m free Got joints on my phone that’s so hot it’ll burn through my jeans I never spit kid these words I bleed from deep within Was born a quite introverted child I used to keep it in But music helped me break the shackles and made it natural Cause when it catch you ain’t nothing like it
Smithsonian 02:58
[Verse 1: Napoleon Da Legend] Mental foggy with the melancholy / running with a felons body Selling Molly ducking federallis Jealous posse models wink inside elevator lobby Got the box seat set up how we celebrate and party Taylor made Cavalli also lay up in Canarsie Martini Rossi sipping now we switch the car seats Relax like the shape of suits on Steve Harvey NDL varsity jackets up in the Barclays Moxie of a winner all you see the glitter Very far removed from days of TV dinners Lunch with the minister no pictures out in public with her Got the biopic on the way texting the publisher Whoever fronted now I'm snubbing em No subs eating breakfast / grubbing up in Dublin Numbers doubling and tripling Napoleon My art should have a place Smithsonian [Verse 2: Napoleon Da Legend] I move the crowd move units move the score on the board Moving bodies like a coroner when I'm on tour Meet with ambassadors what up Paul? What's happening? I say it real like bars after which u put a facts in it (facts) Maximum ILL my chill is automatic ILL-Matic Troublesome the clothe that I'm cut from is real fabric U polyester / I'm a jolly good fella bread expands shoot with red cams Hollywood set ups Haters mad when u this nice how could u mess up? If I made that type of music probably would be fed up But I don't - Midas touch platinum plus you mad much? I'm what happens when u talk and then u back it up Action speaks loud peace clown Have a seat enjoy the show I'm a beast clown Dennis rodman offensive when I rebound Stopping the gun violence rather send a message with a beat down
The Nature 05:14
[Deepak Chopra] Intention on the fertile ground of attention Has infinite organizing power. As long as you do not violate the other Laws of nature, through your intent you can literally command The laws of nature to fulfill your dreams and desires [Verse1: Napoleon Da Legend] With the intent to be an MC that’ll touch souls up close and personal dialogue with the upmost Never sell myself short like Mugsy Bogues in Baltimore I got the vision the universe provides enough support Took crazy steps outside the box no safety net Faced death with an open door policy like H&M Our intuition is the greatest gem trees grow That’s their nature I might as well just take a page from them [Deepak Chopra] Cars and houses and bank notes and clothes and airplanes: These are symbols. Chasing symbols is like settling for the map Instead of the territory. It created anxiety anything that exists In the physical universe can be acquired by relinquishing your attachment To it, because with detachment there is freedom to create. [Verse2: Napoleon Da Legend] Uh Huh detachment is tough no such thing as having too much But it becomes a burden when what you have is a crutch I rather gather trust in myself create and make more Hit the pavement and score turn around explain what I saw Diving train of thought no longer chained to what I was taught People talk that’s the same stigma Iverson fought Rocking in Belgium then I fly to New York like Boris Yeltzin Investing in the moment when I spoke I’m sure you felt it [Deepak Chopra] Like a river, money must keep flowing. Otherwise it begins to stagnate, To strangulate and it can no longer support life. Circulation is what keeps it Alive and vital. [Verse3: Napoleon Da Legend] Life is a cycle that is survival be generous with your gifts you can’t measure What it will buy you Heart attacks happen when the arteries clog When money stops to circulate that’s when the system is flawed Imagine earth that’s not spinning you breathing but not living Drowning yourself in pity mentality of a victim Not that not the wave you get what you give So reinvest and never sweat it when you spending your chips [Deepak Chopra] Do less and accomplish more ultimately you come to the state When you do nothing and accomplish everything This means that there is just a faint idea Then the manifestation of the idea comes about effortlessly What is commonly called a miracle Is actually an expression of the law of least effort [Verse4: Napoleon Da Legend] Let my moves talk Michael Jackson to the bank I moonwalk I’m in the pool hall moving furniture in U-Hauls New crib new walls cruising inside a 2 door Drop the new raw relaxing while these cats do more I let it come to me never bark loud Move in silence renew the balance spark it when it’s dark out Can swim in peace even when the sharks out Travel far south eating Paleo style leaving the carbs out [Deepak Chopra] You have a unique talent and a unique way of expressing it There is something that you can do better than anyone else In the whole world expressing your talents to fulfill needs Creates unlimited wealth and abundance [Verse5: Napoleon Da Legend] AZ in Doe or Die I’m Rather Unique Rather teach you how to fish cause I rather you eat Allow my soul to drive the car and take the passenger seat I’m the only one to occupy the space that I’m in You can copy the bars but can never say it like him You can’t pursue your life purpose going 80% Heart of a champion all in we playing to win [Deepak Chopra] Everyone has heard the expression what you sow is what you reep Obviously if we want to create happiness in our lives We must learn to sow the seeds of happiness Therefore, karma implies the action of conscious choice making [Verse6: Napoleon Da Legend] Whichever way you look you make decision Add up all these choices and it equals how you living Intersections situations and plenty questions Grew up in a city where youngins is very reckless Hustled and schemed to put dough in my Perry Ellis That creates karma that can infiltrate your armor Did things at the crib that would incriminate my momma Had to balance it out we was wilding out fly south try another route Manage my ego and drown it out They say that karma’s a bitch karma’s a snitch It’s blow your spot in time after the drama’s lit [Deepak Chopra] When you discover your essential nature and know who you really are In that knowing itself is the ability to fulfill any dream you have [Verse7: Napoleon Da Legend] K.O.S Knowledge of Self To manifest your full potential is to honor yourself The law is universal you can never murder the truth Kick in the door show the world the best version of you My ego scarred when I was reaching for the stars Speak from the heart before you know it You’ll be seeing Po peaking the charts Beacon of light in the dark know what it’s like to feel defeated Taking dirt naps and then repeat it We all got the mind of a genius in our genetics It’s all connected it’s up to us to manifest it Word to Napoleon Hill whatever the mind can believe and conceive It can achieve You can achieve….
S&P500 03:15
[Verse 1: Napoleon Da Legend] I spill like petroleum boats opium blow My slogan overdose emotions like emoji in phones Napoleon quotes on podiums spoke sold out show Can make a sniper rifle fold out of my wallet and go It's a wrap's been a fact finna smack the benefactor Send it back with the cash in the package and then I tap ya North east south east got mouths to feed Avoid unnecessary beef that's more cow to breed Nobody else looking out for me looking for Houses to purchase I got no care in the world u got a 1000 nurses Mountains worth of hearses Berkshire Hathaway shots fire birds fly away it's my way or the highway John woo scene Mujahdeen self-confidence of two Ali's My will power made me who I am that's a black eye pea Catch more than just a black eye when u tussle with me Buckets seat up in the vee I don't hustle for free U begging labels for a push I can unplug ya machine Don't be caught sleep shit can be costly closing deals behind the scenes catch games on the floor seat Sp 500 close a 500 thou fly to London Without funding doing loud numbers You threw the towel fronting I dropped a song got the Dow jumping Teachers said I would amount to nothing [Verse 2: Napoleon Da Legend] Nobody love u until everybody love u When they making money off u everybody love u F' u ain't making no numbers in this world kick rocks U know u buzzing when these chicks start blowing up ya inbox Till they start calling you for favors and verses people in and out ya crib now the neighbors is nervous Fake pages and impersonators trolling u out The music biz was doing bad I sold em dope in a drought Looking happy when u see me what u joking about Baby here's something for u to suck on open ya mouth Interviews with stupid questions like how u got into rap everybody's into rap so why u asking me that The money changer with/ one in the chamber my stomach grumbling from hunger pains / case u wondering Case u wonder bout the passion in the bars that say It's part of me I put my heart inside the cards that I play Didn't graduate from Harvard or Yale but still I talk well And I keep talking my talk long my talk sell I “lol” to the bank making deposits Extorting corporations for bank shaking they pockets Clock it I'm a hotter than a terrorist watch list Cash flow is emirate Arabic logic A dream that's American moved from Maryland up to Brooklyn then I made it must mean I'm something special then
[verse: Napoleon Da Legend] Yo the grain I go against it like a slave boat in Memphis The stage show’s electric and my late flow is Netflix Mindframe is overzealous my main goal is to get it Paid flows collecting pesos from angels and devils [verse: Skeezo] With music ill never settle Set the bar at higher levels Bang it out like heavy metal Verbally express my mental Through verses written with pencil While others trace it like stencil I exercise on instrumentals Lyrically I’m presidential [verse: Napoleon Da Legend] And now the rents due you gotta pay the piper I was in the gym putting in work like the greatest fighters Po and Skeezo bring it to whoever claim the nicest [verse: Skeezo] Before the righteous I was slap boxing with lifers Doing pull ups in the yard With da gods in the cypher Build with Osiris And dropped gems So heavy its priceless You moving like us A Cookie cutter of illest writer's But You a biter like 97 my ears on fire [Hook: Skeezo] Napoleon & skeezo Like clockwork [Hook: Napoleon Da Legend] Step in the square Get your mic broke And feelings hurt [Hook: Skeezo] Pursue the passion With the rapping Now let’s get it cracking What they talking We been walking So we bring the action [verse: Skeezo] The sharpest dagger Wit the swag of a pastor Poker face stay straight See i move like a master Spray the place Beat laced We some actual rappers You an actual actor Acting like you a trapper [verse: Napoleon Da Legend] Regardless you just a corny recording artist we just corner the market Bookers ain’t calling you they calling you garbage Polly like Gorbachef handling beef like Stroganoff Fly to Bogota while you screaming the most you can get close But no cigar you overloading bars trying to act lyrical Shit is laughable they love you first as soon as you pass em That’s when they mad at you always been a hustler You always been a buster anything I ever utter’s better Than what you can muster [verse: Skeezo] Certified line's Hook sinker Roll with sharp thinkers The bait heavy like steak Chase the beef get laid to sleep your shorty on my meat No pardon how i speak I’m from the street Hard for me to be discrete While you sucking like leech [verse: Napoleon Da Legend] For some likes on the “Book” like stripper chicks I make em melt from getting too close to the son (sun) like Icarus I’m on some different shit building with knowledge wisdom and wealth Why ask another man if you can just get it yourself… nah mean [hook: Skeezo & Napoleon Da Legend]
“I failed” “Good, now go fail again” [Verse 1: Napoleon Da Legend] High risk majestic high def leopard Smuggling this contraband Pyrex methods Who does it better? That question was rhetorical the oracle Display great testicule fortitude Anti-political star 5 general Living life at a high intensity interval Pinnacle pen game you figure my end game is splendid Like a happy ending with 10 dames I bend frames And shatter backs matter of fact don’t chatter back My anatomy adapts to the habitat Honor code of samurai not a man alive Can withstand the firepower when this man’s hammer fires Can’t deny it I’m Len Bias in his prime I’m the future Like Nostradamus’ mind don’t identify with clichés And stereotypes I introduce your preconceptions to A burial site and get em like You’ll never come back the same like brains after years Of chewing aspartame plaster my name in every hood Corner or block and when it drops the street’s will be absorbing the shock Corporate or not disregard it we never miss our target Trying to do the most while Obama is still in office Pharaohgam Don Buju Banton brand new shit Sick on the loop we call it Lupus [Verse 2: Napoleon Da Legend] It’s a tough maze stuck in a rough place Corrupt state get it no matter what till they ship us upstate Up late frustrated staring at a struggle plate I hate to hustle And wait I rather cut the cake/ suffocate suckers stay up in your face They play a role slaves to the dough must stay focused must stay composed The age old story is told your brain’s controlled the state patrols Hard to stay away from trolls players fold the game is sold that’s the player’s code The face is cold front of the mirror staring at your soul paranoid Distant the devil whispers sadistic unfiltered wisdoms got you listening Persistent pain instant fame leads to shame fatigued brain intrigued no sleep for days No easy way out laid out you played out night crawlers should have stayed in the house But you stayed out
Mocha 02:09
[Verse: Napoleon Da Legend] Macking like Ray Liotta kissing on her Areola Vera Wane odor Serenading her fallopian take a step back the way you built My god you can shoot me with anesthetics I would still get hard No holds barred ain’t no location that’s too sacred let’s do it In a pyramid Cleo let’s get naked middle of the flight bathroom Rendez-vous keep it down man if they catch us I’m a be on the news Can’t even be around you you gonna get me locked up Get my rocks off with my socks on you got me stuck Porn style you a star never waste a drop Feeling like the bed about to shatter when your waste drop Stop praying ma sexy face painting like a Geisha Your body went into convulsions like you entered labor You’re a freak by nature top of that a freak of nature We can go deep and later sip tea with Echinacea We the perfect match sexual acrobats on yoga mats Held ya in the pose of a cobra while I was stroking that Orgasm orchestra loving you mocha tone love My wood posted up in your vagina like what’s up On a balcony without a care let’s let em watch Propped you on a chair slowly in and out of your twat Got me bugging thoughts of making babies enter my head That’s the sex talking think I gotta censor myself Shit… you got me going too far baby
Fear 00:33
Pale Horse 02:25
[Verse 1: Napoleon Da Legend] This that ignorant intelligent That straight illiterate but u can tell I read a bit Hey yo militant and illegitimate That inconsiderate / disrespectful etiquette Filthy! make sure it’s wet before u finger it Do the knowledge on the knowledge when u filter it Is your attention span short? got u listening This ain't no radio song there's no resemblance Catch a timberland boot time to repent again U know that cash rules it's all about the Benjamin Break that dough out ya wallet it's time to spend again Tell a friend to tell a friend hey to it’s him again If u can count from 1 to 10 u know what's up then We all we got against the one percent [Chorus x 2: Napoleon Da Legend] The house is white the horse is pale industry is corporate the culture failed They hate us for us it's either broke or jail Auctioning us off with our soul for sale [Verse 2: Napoleon Da Legend] Rebel without a cause X you out without a thought Power off pull the plug and choke you with the power cord You a day late and dollar short You rather talk I rather blaze it with Molotov I'm a scholar boss with a BLUE collar walk Publishing / looking about / what a Bugatti cost Politics / got that president Mugabe talk She got a body wanna digging in her like volleyball U acting hard inside party with ya bodyguard With a battery pack on ya back when u writing bars U a dub not a thug fuck a sub diss Sucka for a piece of ass we heard u fall in love quick On the web always crying on the timelines Spectating criticizing from the sidelines I spit cyanide sitting in a high rise Hind side is 20 / 20 should have used your mind's eye
[Verse 1: Napoleon Da Legend] Wooden African chain check the stat behind the name Student of the game like Jay when he sat behind Kane Max out the game then I’m a stretch it even further Bodies falling everywhere they tried arresting me for murder Product of my environment nah this not the norm Shows that sell out in a day lines around the block form Competitors wanna diss but I’m a pray to God for em Just landed from Stockholm dummy don’t get your spot stormed Black Ops style my skin is thick like crocodile it’s lopsided Like Kat Williams boxing verse a child plus I’m versatile Was unknown they thirst for me now And when it comes to chicks personally I like em wild That’s a better fit cause what is a friend without the benefits? Tell em to send a check I’m just warming up my pen a bit What yall sweating is cute I deal with absolutes Either it’s dope or it’s trash Ciroc or Absolute it’s taste Cheddar talks chatter is waste don’t even judge just observe Peep the pattern and wait often I felt out of place my barometer Shakes around snakes and say the truth in Hypocrisy’s face In this business of entertainment the majority’s fake I had to navigate teach myself how to be great I knew how to rhyme had to learn how to get cake And this is for the record I had to set the record straight [Hook: ProducHer Beats] First they laugh then they throw shade After that they doubt then they start to hate Then they start to see all the moves that you make Then everybody feel it then they really hatin’ [Verse 2: Napoleon Da Legend] This ain’t the big mansion big car and money rap But I find it funny that people don’t respect unless the money stack So it shouldn’t surprise you to see me push a Mazzi And dump this model just because she overcooked the broccoli Someday they’ll write a book about me the story goes Po came and rewrote history with his flow Then he escaped from his exile enemies got x’ed out Kicked my ex out for collab pull your checks out On my next route who’s the next slouch to joust? Ready to let out I’m a make it wet in a drought Without a shadow of a doubt chicks straddle me on the couch No babies kid I pull out and splash it in her mouth I like it classic my brain’s being studied by Psychiatrics When it comes to rap got the psyche of an addict Nike Airmax I used to wear that and swear that I was the flyest But for real to myself I was lying always saw myself as a lion And aligning myself with only the stars like the belt of Orion There was times where I felt I was dying but I survived Contradictory my name is the Legend but I’m alive Every thought has an inception and every rule has an exception When you talk about the greatest never rule out the Legend I just outgrew perfection that shit was getting old We don’t speak the same language go cop Rosetta Stone [Hook2]
Give Thanks 03:02
[Verse 1: Napoleon Da Legend] I'm so thankful for everything I'm thankful I'm alive I keep repeating to myself I'm thankful I'm alive I'm thankful for my eyes I'm thankful for my legs For my ears for my heart for my kidneys for my health I'm thankful for my friends thankful for my fans Thankful for this love and I'm thankful for this land I'm thankful for my drive and I thank all these producers To my life for inspiration and I'm thankful for the bruises Thankful for the challenges the obstacles and setbacks Got to places in my life thought was impossible to get at Thankful for my mom rest in peace dad my queen and my sister Disappointment made my rhyme scheme richer Thankful for the sun cold weather and the hot Thankful to have a purpose now I'm tethering the knot Thankful for the jewels Ron Williams and doc's gym Thankful for the struggle and days I was feeling boxed in Thankful for the pain the asthma my short stature I'm thankful for my stutter step I can still blow passed ya Thankful for clean water I'm thankful for the books Thankful to artist for these fly verses and hooks Thankful for my feet thankful for these block I walked Thankful for the fights thankful for the stitches I caught Thankful for these stages and the sound man who fix the mic And give thanks for social media when I get a like Give thanks to oxygen and all the toxins I purge And this anxiety I cope by getting lost in the words Give thanks [Hook: Napoleon Da Legend] Today I wanna give thanks It’s important to give thanks [Verse 2: Napoleon Da Legend] To ya Ls and ya Ws Going thru hell heavens in front of u still Only death gives meaning to life like the story Christ We rose victorious from glorious fights give thanks To the sun moon and stars / who'd a thought That through the darkness we would manage finding light thru the fog Give thanks to that plate of food we ate thru we grateful faithful thru these hard times we made it thru
The System 02:35
[Verse 1: Napoleon Da Legend] It’s the maniacal obnoxious Messiah with the knowledge You lame probably mocking ya like Galifianakis My gallery is stocked I’m losing calories to rock I’m the bad seed the last to speak the last to leave the block I’m the last of a dying breed more bodies than a Chinese cemetery I’m legendary with these rhyme scheme Fled the city with eleven bitties they say I’m clever witty from the Third world where some’ll sell a kidney To trade places play the game of life with poker faces disconnect they Shoulder blades your show looks like it’s overrated Paranoid be thinking everything is orchestrated Met Pharaohe Monch he only talk when shit is sports related Incorporate a bar praise Allah I’ll pray tomorrow I got your money son relax I’m a pay tomorrow Garcia Vegas Gone to Vegas knew the God is major You can stand right next to the man talent is not contagious Confrontational slang my conversation’s banging The bars cost gotta pay for those man with both hands Behind my back without a note pad I toe tag an adversary here you go hold that [Hook: G.U.R.U] Am I the target for destruction and is it the system and total corruption I can’t work at a fast food joint I got some talent So don’t you get my point? [Verse 2: Napoleon Da Legend] Its diabolic how we die for the dollars why even bother Being civilized surrounded by savages at the bottom Like Sodom and Gomorrah chop it up in the tour bus Depositing the cash watch the government extort us Exploiting us dogging us out like Calvin Broadus Life can get weirder than a Salvador portrait Drop gems more precious than a dinosaur offspring Grab necks sub-zero rip spinal cords off em Fuck a metaphor get medical attention for em They tried to give us crumbs but we never settle for it Too much melanin will mess up the decorum they said Could be building with one another but we warring instead All mislead strings tied our arms and legs The puppet master’s profiting until the target is met We just numbers tax IDs social security black men die prematurely Perception is reality what you believe is what is Consumer more is what we feeding the kids Using wire taps who’s on the phone move swift like brother Mouzone Mistakes can be fatal from the cradle to the tombstone To each his own I shine let it be known Soul searching Sojourn until my soul reach home [Akon] The system in the America was never built for black people [Hook: G.U.R.U]
[Verse 1: Napoleon Da Legend] It gets rough you can get buzz they Start saying you the next up Life slows ya momentum they start saying you messed up The way it's set up they don't teach us the biz Cause They scared / that's once we learn it we start reaching the kids Paycheck to paycheck bill after bill stack It's almost like a song got me feeling like Ronnie milsap Nostalgia : it's natural for us to want that "feel" back Politic with snakes mostly find me where the "real" at Started from a brick and then you wonder how they build that Some get depressed and give up hope over a mishap Followed by the shadow of death / where it's pitch black Survived hell/ that's why I take the time to give back Schools is underfunded children undereducated Leaders we would look up to is under investigation Better to love the art never worship the artist We born with a spark but often it gets tarnished Temptation of / taking the fast lane I rather move slow then burn out in fast flame Like Paul walker rest in power kid my thoughts race a thousand per hour with light beams that make the clouds split Walking thru Flatbush junction to with a function corruption starts at the top and grows like a fungus Makes me wonder how we keep from going under People’s minds waking up and we growing in numbers The color of Americas changing information is shared Love is love it's contagious to care The system is rigged and the truth is / the game isn't fair Overseas my cousins barefoot I gave him a pair Flashing paper on ya snaps but no paper to share The kids are listening so watch what you say on the snare it's your world [Hook: Vocalist] It’s Your World [Verse 2: Napoleon Da Legend] Judge mental no person without an apparent flaw They say the youth lost but who raised em that's the parents fault Family picture where ya dad at? Out the picture Mom bitter grew up thinking that the world out to get cha Spazzes out in school cause he's jealous of his peers Bullying the class you can tell that he wears/ his emotions on his sleeve / coping with his inner demons It's hard to shine they intimidated by the genius His mom loves him but neglected by the pops In a few years they predict he'll be arrested by the cops Emulating rap stars he be seeing on the web With these chicks you already / chivalry is dead Hanging out on the corner at night with older dudes Put in uncomfortable positions he gotta show and prove Going thru the motions for a few dollars in his pocket Copped him a pair of Jordans/ now he feeling like he got it Limeade and chicken pattie from fisherman cove All he can do is live/ day by day and get a with the flow Headphones wrapped tight on his dome makes him escape Had a chance to play ball but he gave it away They say the only to way to really learns to make a mistake Doing what he know to survive open your eyes Easy to judge from the outside And take the truth apart from the lie Low income neighborhoods is apartheid And as we grow, feels like a part of us dies A smart kid with opportunities that compromised Trying to wash the pain / like a load of clothing in the laundromat Cuffed up in the subway cops caught em with a Ganja sack / But that's exactly what he needed Life's a treadmill trynna find the meaning it's your world


released September 23, 2016

Act I

1 - Eracism stolen from Diplo

2 -Bars 101 stolen from Dirty Art Club

3 - Black Privilege featuring Mad Squablz stolen from !llmind

4 - Andromeda stolen from Madlib

5 - Brother J stolen from X Clan

6 - African Drums II stolen from J Dilla

7 - Freedom stolen from Madlib

8 - Smithsonian stolen from Jay Electronica

9 - The Nature stolen from Maker

10 - S&P500 stolen from The Alchemist cuts by DJ Blowout

Act II

11 - Bring The Action featuring Skeezo stolen from MF Doom cuts by DJ Modesty

12 - Life of a Champion stolen from Onra

13 - Mocha stolen from The Herbaliser

14 - Fear stolen from Rick Ruben

15 - Pale Horse stolen from DJ Muggs

16 - Really Hatin' featuring ProducHer Beats stolen from Madlib

17 - Give Thanks stolen from Madlib

18 - Change Policy stolen from RJD2

19 - The System stolen from MF Doom

20 - It's Your World featuring Narubi Selah stolen from J Dilla

Mixed by Napoleon Da Legend

Artwork by Tim Wasicky

Executive Producer by Napoleon Da Legend & Bryan Winston


all rights reserved



Napoleon Da Legend

Napoleon Da Legend. bilingual MC & Afrobeat artist from Comoros, living in Brooklyn, New York.

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