Street Universe

by Napoleon Da Legend

[Napoleon Da Legend verse 1] Ayatollah killer, devils I brawl with em Blasting all off from the ground smashing thru tall ceiling Multiple perspectives my soul is so connected Tap dancing thru a gauntlet of bullets with no protection They got the neighbors watching tryin To plagiarize me So big they got the scales to weigh the whales to weight my body I’m not a normal man I walk and metamorph to sand One look at my facial expression made him fold his hand Blast a bootleg swoop ya leg make the booth red Brooklyn to Budapest since my debut to boost the bread My trademarks to put a stake straight thru heart Belmont walk thru the desert under the shooting stars [Napoleon Da Legend verse 2] This ain’t the garden of Eden I'mat the park with heathens Living inside a gas chamber trying not to breath it Ciment crusher,the near death brusher Women rate me in the flesh I’m deemed the best lover Ya raps is soy milk, extra soggy record is gaudy Scoring 40 in quarter now end of story True survivor all my supporters are super biased Question authority break in and smack the supervisor The Super prophet discovered my mutant powers Kaboom! Nuke showers to ya dome, here’s my new album I got the they don’t understand the crisis they facing I brought the tux out of the closet for this nice occasion Simply exemplary above par essentially I’m Templar credentials i can heal my scars successfully All of that fear based thinking, I sever ties Keep pushing Sky's not the limit my forever vibe
[Napoleon Da Legend verse] Modern day Freud, Che Guevara, Donald Goines Crypto cowboy slanging 1000 dollar coins In the land of the lawless like where my father born Growing up with views distorted like Picasso joints Solidify the essence when I fly Venice And never self-proclaim much I rather let u tell it Mujahdeen mustakeen musket with the beam Customer who to used to feind compelled to come clean Sun beaming on my face smack a primadonna gaze With the black Madonna laying up in Ghana with the blade Limonade stand ass rappers with twenty cents bars Alhamdulilah was god sent to do a job Holy dark seed placed and Boxed in the oligarchy Thought process of a Marxist pouring martini Rossi Proxy rap wars bloody sloppy with the hacksaw African Bruce Lee playing Hockey on the asphalt Culture bender cutting off ya co-dependence Should open a clinic so many quit before the finish George Orwell, my favorite West is Cornell Quick to pop there’s no need to break an egg for a shell That penetrates ya like words of Ernest Hemingway Then you’ll learn to appreciate the sun when the weather grey Dimaggio collecting that Romano Pecorino Steady like Dan Marino lemon in my Peligrino [Napoleon Da Legend Hook] I just wanna live my dreams and see it thru Instead of living life to feed the beast and be it’s food Fuck it piss on the soil and watch the seeds grow At least I know I got the cheat code
Face 02:36
Blasphemous we so lit Straight passionate always on a ego trip Eat ya veggies my mom used to tell me Blinded by the flash that America would sell me Selfless or selfish there a thin line Shea butter on my flesh make my melanin shine Ride my wave I give u ocean sickness Adam in Pulp Fiction mixed with the soul of Krishna Feel my toes twitching black Zecharia Sitchin They tried to lynch him I’m a survivor kid I’m a lynchpin My heart got a Ferrari engine u shouldn’t force it Was married to my past once I had to divorce it Even when I’m flat broke I’m still rich Bill Gates Kill switch Like when the Pilgrims wanted to kill Brits I build bridges, burn toxic energy Make plans with friends even talk to my enemy No reservations like Bourdain Anthony When the shit hit the fan I just pray for my sanity I’m back, black flip, front kick swift Save the day then kick back, tongue kiss chicks Straight out the box sneakers match multicolored Beef I slide above it in the streets so beloved Banger got a litany on high note like Whitney These fools tried to get me came up short like Pigmys I Rock on a constellation on my neck Every time I talk my conversations on the press Contracts with dry ink papers on the desk Debating who the better artist/ I’m taking all bets Pharaohgamo fly king Cy Young still wild young U wouldn’t last a minute where I’m from Hand u the dope mix it with the antidote Crack a Campbell soup and smack u with a can of Hope Failures a bitch, why u so afraid of? Throughout history the world belongs to the bravest All the fruits of my labor taste gracious But some of y’all is still cruising on the slave ship
[Napoleon Da Legend verse 1] The forgotten breed Moroccan harissa in a mahogany My girl rocking a Mohawk and T in a monogamy Derogatory comments I’m blocking and Polly with Barack Jackets reminiscent of Stalin when he was hot Rocking on Jimmy Fallon for that late night spot Then hit a diner with the fam till the day light pop Feeling like Ralph Metcalf in a Nets Hat Telling me I’m trespassing treating like an expat In my own land, my goal is own land and grow plants and gracefully Keep coming of age as an old man Amazingly I break barriers down without carrying a crown that’s physical became less cynical now My passion is to be great no more corner street dreams I rather reach beings at a deeper level like a deep sleep And wake up reinvigorated when I give em pages All that negative energy, Mutombo finger wave it [Napoleon Da Legend hook x 2] Morose rose garden in the front row We rose over the lows and let the funds grow It’s what we chose we travel a different a road Rigmaroles swings then we switch roles [Napoleon Da Legend verse 2] We can be distant and take the path of least resistance Feel like I’m religious only do it how I feel it All that’s left’s to get Spielberg to film it I burnt the filter I should be the first to build it Status Bilderberg and I left em bewildered He milked it for what it was worth I made it feel good In this concrete wilderness parents gotta shield a kid U come with something different they'll doubt it And then they’ll feel the kid I pretty much predicted every step Without the bloody mess We flooded em with sets and put the government in check It’s chess ♟ more is always less u doing too much And the souls of the ancestors is living thru us So if u never grew up that’s on you The facts on you life’ll a put a wrap on you Ever made love with Persian on a persian rug? Y’all can keep chasing dough I’m a keep searching for the rush [Napoleon Da Legend hook x 2] Morose rose garden in the front row We rose over the lows and let the funds grow It’s what we chose we travel a different a road Rigmaroles swings then we switch roles
[Napoleon Da Legend verse] Got em intrigued my layers run deep like Bottom sea The god is on his Odyssey something u gotta see My Mind speaks knowledge and speech u probably appreciate it more If u tried to risk at taking this course Basic universal laws the proof is in the verse y’all Going against how u win? When the truth is verse y’all U sucking dick waiting for co-signs to confirm y’all That’s why we curve y’all and ghosted you Tho we heard y’all My name glisten under lights like the dome of Sir Charles Those shots u threw at me can repel back and hurt y’all This a church call regular men’ll turn god And what you didn’t learn can be ya final curtain call I was raised by prophetic individuals Who taught me the science and everywhere you look Everything’s political What u gonna do for me? Can I get at you for free? Analyzing from ya actions I can read u to a "T" U craving for my train of thought, supreme like Diana Ross These rappers is pajama sauce weak and they grammar soft I ain’t a fan at all you writers can’t draw I knock ya brand off the algorithm break ya fans off I’m Van Damm vanguard plus Van Gohn Pull up in a van slow kill ya tough man flow
Harakiri 02:50
[Napoleon Da Legend verse 1] Megalo Po methadone dope S’long as I supply ya fix I’m a never go broke Accepting no shorts I’m Chronos stomping On these emperors with no clothes and catch it on a Go Pro I’m out if I don’t see no growth I’m a evolve Like a xenomorph and set off on another course We don’t endorse trolls I shine with all my character flaws Tell me who else u can compare with the god? I’m an original Head shot cheat code, John Wick sequel With a sprinkle of Vegito and my minds wit is lethal Acidic like a vinaigrette, chagrin and regret Vengeful vendettas have ya deaded with syringe in ya neck Think less trust ya instinct ya gut don’t go against it Sado-masochist if life’s a bitch I must have kissed it No longer us against them that paradigm old Fuck all that down to earth shit I’m on my maritime flow so [Napoleon Da Legend Hook] Po know this Po know that I walk the streets the globe on my back right right Po know this Po know that I got the belt and they know for a fact right Po know this Po know that I walk the street the globe on my back Po know this Po know that Throws sledgehammers where ya logo at [Napoleon Da Legend verse 2] Life is a balance act I rock and let my talent stack I vow to ride it to max and never will I dial it back Soliloquy’s that’s designed to kill these silly leeches Militant elitist that solidified my genius I Politicize my demons they wanna vilify the Phoenix All that bullshit u promote will just clitorize ya penis They sold us air we risked our lives to breath it And Tried to reach their benchmark in the process We trivialized the meaning It’s dollars for the sake of dollars for the great Kabala we survivors Incarnate of the gods live inside of human bodies Saying fuck tomorrow that’s too far off in the distance Smoking pot and proper lifted with thoughts apocalyptic Humble like Fedor knock ya head straight off And leave an atheist with something he can pray for Jason Bourne my train of thought is like a great storm Take it with a grain of salt these darts’ll lift u airborne [Napoleon Da Legend Hook] Po know this Po know that I walk the streets the globe on my back right right Po know this Po know that I got the belt and they know for a fact right Po know this Po know that I walk the street the globe on my back Po know this Po know that Throws sledgehammers where ya logo at Good morning
[Napoleon Da Legend verse] They extended machete knives disguised as a olive branch Police state spies deep fakes and holograms It’s a Troll planet from Brooklyn to Nottingham Whiles dummies born daily falling the common scam Seen a few doppelgangers trying be me I just kept dropping bangers on vinyl and CD U looking at a setter of trends I came to shred events For tenements they did it for corporations benefits Identify the grit they chasing algorithms I shot a missile out my mouth would have thought Malcom living I’m in the greatest shape of my life Walking round like I never made mistakes in my life Life’s a short thing so I make the most of that thing Crazy nice dropping classic like the 45 king Black mamba mentality lives Myer Lansky Crash ya fantasy till my reality switch [Micall Parknsun verse] Listen missing* [Sicknature verse] Listen missing* [Napoleon Da Legend verse] Tired of y’all talking shit online One trick ponies one track one dimensional minds One semester u hide one semester u trying One semester u tough? The Next semester u crying All jokes aside you rainbow coalition ass frauds need to keep hope alive.... Yo Giallo I ain’t tap dancing for no co-signs man... The people I deal with are solid .... no diva shit
3 Fourth 02:51
[Napoleon Da Legend verse 1] Speak of taboos from earth to Naboo Clavicles blew leave tablets as a clue Masses salute pass the loot running lap round loops Last round of Booz Crash the coup Crash Bandicoot Masters knew about dudes flash news Masterful slash humble ass dude thunder blast crews Wave different ancient praise giver slave shifter Shape shift into an A-lister Grave digga listener the great riddler Zig zag ziglar whiplash spitta You’s ass kisser I’m a gin and tonic glass pisser Just a tad richer Richard Nixon fact twister Class dismisser shut the fuck up u got the picture Zero fuck giver give me liquor let me drink up If u ask me while I’m twisted then I think they suck [Napoleon Da Legend verse 2] Plain spoken stay woke or get chest plate broken I’m the modern Beethoven My blade focus I’m the chosen golden child They drove for miles to see it You And ya pal conceited but why though? Waking around like I won lotto I speak in staccato U know my shtick is gamo Mixi model in the back, catch me outback Like Aussie I’m awesome indeed never lost speed Everything I say is fourth degree Having morbid dreams Doubts can make ya fortune freeze I walk the street talk is cheap Still I’m all for peace Still discreet cross me you gonna feel breeze Rocking joggers with a camouflage bomber And a sharp katana, creatine powder Peace Kalief Browder I live my life good and I sleep prouder My belief is power And I make my demons cower My style Namekian maniacal pedestrian Fuck ya wall slim I’m biased towards the Mexicans Lets investigated tell me who the best again?
[Napoleon Da Legend verse 1] Behind every fortune there’s a game of devil courtship Where they pimp the poor and export the culture by the pints Blood suckers mix martial art gut punches On they ranch duck hunting and feasting on slut muffins By the time they get called out already balled out Black Kabal Route you better Saul now Don’t bring the salt out it’s too late,I play my cards like a statistician and put in work with sado-masochist visions My asset is living from the casket I risen Masses listen moving according to math I’m efficient T 7000 artificially connected with Intelligence from chips scientifically invented So while you watching the net, the net is watching you It’s psychographics studying behaviors and ya moods Choose ya own adventure who’s controlling all ya actions They can tell who you are based on all your interactions And when u take another turn, reality is fractured For calling out their fallacies the Calvary attacks ya And it’s a domino effect cause others find ya And follow cause you woke up the dormant light inside ya [Napoleon Da Legend verse 2] Secret password "Liber Null Psychonaut" The bodyguard let me in thru the door behind the clock Short wop ears looking like Spock vintage wine bottles Business men conference in those Game of throne brothels Blood oaths and contracts Japanese whiskey And It’s risky they knew about the dirt I did in Sicily The girl frisked me, she felt the piece on my hip Shotti so big, felt like pulled out a piece of my rib Told em chill give me back the grail I’ll let ya live Only then did I understand how grimy this shit is Simultaneously they took a pill out they pocket and swallowed They rather die than give up on a trail that we can follow 12 bodies on the ground lifeless Looking around seen a glass case surrounding a crown I break it hold it to the light above my head Lay it on my dome and everything I see is red Felt like i stepped thru a portal seldom seen by the mortals An alternate forum where perceptions are distorted And the morals is skewed and the timeline bounces One minute inside of Sparta then drinking tea up in China Presiding over wars collecting all sorts of trophies Influencing minds in manners that they don’t see That’s when I threw the crown against wall Unzipped my pants and pissed on it like a stall
[Napoleon Da Legend verse] Chasing capital these heartaches is actual Standing out in a crowd hard for me to walk casual Soul of Toni Morrison they wanna know my origins Before I started touring was known as a dirty foreigner They wanna claim u when u popping rap was my only option Tony Robbins said invest in stocks stead of gold watches Still the blood of a pharaoh in me no Hello Kitty Amaretto whiskey palming on some jello titties Anonymous till my name was ringing bells prominent Autonomous like the lord of Ottoman and Solomon The movement grew back forth from BK to New Jeru Holland tunnel finding ways to funnel all these jewels to you Pick the bottle backslide might smack Mitch McConnell In my Milano slides and then I dip like Leguizamo Reminds me of chick that I know so I plugged her in Gave her Plastic surgery in case they recover prints [Napoleon Da Legend Hook x2] Another day another story gets told On either side of the globe the world belongs to the bold Our goals different we assume roles how we living They made a monster when they stole my religion [Scorzayzee verse] Lyrics missing* [Napoleon Da Legend Hook x2] Another day another story gets told On either side of the globe the world belongs to the bold Our goals different we assume roles how we living They made a monster when they stole my religion
God Complex 02:32
[Napoleon Da Legend verse 1] Gabana Dolce in a cabana you couldn’t locate The don wilding like Maradona on some cocaine Pot of gold over the slow pay 'OKAY!!!' Dodging court cases getting Medicaid co-pays They say I’m going places I've been going places Most the shit you fantasize about is overrated Sorry to kill it for you I just came kill it for you California good weed’ll make em silly for you You rocking Tin foil listening to Alex Jones Paranoid like the plot from novels of Donald Goines I’m popping coins crypto fell, I lost money Caught up in that hypno spell Out of town in a shit hotel with wholesale hoes for sale Cold spell like Neptune’s with no Pharrell yo for real Fall off get back up Keep pushing like a Mack Truck I dont believe in bad luck [Napoleon Da Legend hook x2] God bless he gotta god complex Turn the conversation from a "nah" to a "yes" Spit bombs that’ll turn the Taj Mahal to a nest What’s ya final statement? Pharaohgamo is the best [Napoleon Da Legend verse 2] Say no less I pay no cents to no threats I’m connecting mad hallows to heads No Beyoncé fuck that ain’t no best Unless it’s Po that go together like a Lego set The king, I racketeer rap and make a stack appear A few likes don’t mean u got a rap career Stab you with an African spear I’m on my exodus Ya imagination can fathom where my level is My daily regiment is Navy Seal like Projects come out fresh like what a baby feel like Who’s next to catch a guillotine slice to the neck Don’t even write em yet the words go right thru ya flesh Still living off ya high school rep? Let me help ya with a pill that’ll put u in ya rightful rest Giallo on point Beats Nuts like Psycho Les Its code red, why the God lead the mic so blessed hey yoo yoo yoo [Napoleon Da Legend hook x2] God bless he gotta god complex Turn the conversation from a "nah" to a "yes" Spit bombs that’ll turn the Taj Mahal to a nest What’s ya final statement? Pharaohgamo is the best
[El Gant verse] Lyrics missing* [Napoleon Da Legend Hook x2] Better off saying fuck it not a fuck giving From the highest of the joys to the gut wrenching Made my way up to the top up from these mud trenches [Napoleon Da Legend verse] It’s a crazy labyrinth where toxins and contaminants Invade our system we the lost children from out of Nazareth Waiting for type of signal for the light to get thru and pass All of The dark clouds marching while we continue to just Live through a litany of events that would afflict me And split me thru the middle morally thru cups of whiskey Two wolves to feed inside my soul who to choose I had a chicks in New Jeru's we analyzed and traded jewels Rendez-vous with shady heads and zombies that may be dead Making risky moves to impress our friends with Mercedes Benz And other medals of achievement even cheating is applauded Leaving us soul-less robotic like the voice of Stephen Hawkins Obsessed with the idea of success my deen is wrecked And it’s a self fulfilling prophecy I’m seen as a threat By the authorities oppressing me used as an accessory By the time u win u really lose double jeopardy
[John Robinson verse] Lyrics Missing* [Napoleon Da Legend & John Robinson Hook] x 2 Babysteps at a time we lace the path Trial and error in the moves make the craft Navigate thru the haze and Make a map Hoping the next generation take it further than that [Napoleon Da Legend verse] Light excursions stormy nights watch the clouds merging Tunnel vision funnel tight like a virgin Water murky flip like Angela Merkel Plan around the curfew I birthed a few around my circle Above the land a bird eyes view I speak the gods honest truth Before me and my death rendez-vous My karma knew what’s on my jacket not on Karmaloop Nonchalant moves conquer show u what a don can do Alley-oop I dunked on a few when I step on stage Left a rage spit with a disrespectful face Vocal cords popping on my neck Then my plot my next chapter with the vernacular of Malcom X Kenyatta Jomo shining Like my logo Do my job dollo meditating in my dojo I love my sisters that’s authentic Love brothers that’s genuine Free thinking and independent Corporations own the whole game Promote the same crap and u thinking it’s ok The culture moves with us it’s good as longs we doing us And our history is oral we know who to trust Almighty with the message and my spiddy senses They body language failing every lie detector What Jah Bless, no man curse U tried to fit in their equation and got so damn hurt I write this with love tho ya tribe is still here One brick at a time all we do is build here [Napoleon Da Legend & John Robinson Hook] x 2 Babysteps at a time we lace the path Trial and error in the moves make the craft Navigate thru the haze and Make a map Hoping the next generation take it further than that


released August 10, 2020

Produced by Giallo Point
Written by Napoleon Da Legend
Artwork by Trevor Lang


all rights reserved



Napoleon Da Legend

Napoleon Da Legend. bilingual MC & Afrobeat artist from Comoros, living in Brooklyn, New York.

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