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21 year after his death, Napoleon Da Legend pays homage to the late great Tupac Shakur (rest in peace) in this 2pac-themed mixtape


released December 14, 2017

Special guest appearances by Jise One, Noah-O & Black Lyric on "Picture Me Rollin"
All songs written by Napoleon Da Legend


all rights reserved



Napoleon Da Legend

The Anti-Hero


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Track Name: Constantly Armed
[Chorus: 2pac]

Constantly armed, my firepower keep me warm
I'm trapped in the storm and fuck the world 'til I'm gone
And then it's on, before I leave, picture me
I'm spittin' at punk bitches and hustlin' to be free
Watch me set it, niggas don't want it, you can get it
Bet it make these jealous niggas mad I said it
This that heat nigga

[verse 1: Napoleon Da Legend]

Primadonna moniker Britannica philosopher
I’m shakra’ed peace to 2Pac my reach is popular
We lock it up 2018 we gon recycle em
You ain’t eating ya proper vitamins ya engine idling
Ya top 10 is garbage you might as well just writing em in
Rumors say that’s Po's polite you ain’t seen that side of em
Had to cut the toxic out Dennis Rodman box em out
Projects I knock em out give you something to talk about
Am I mumbling clearly enough for all dumb fucks?
Nun-chucks bash ya chest in and now ya lungs stuck
Gun butt early on the come up when the sun up
Run up on son that’s a make over you get done up
Remarkable king don’t argue a thing my armor big and I’m
Claiming what’s mine in the world like I’m a Obama’s kid
I'm not just saying it I promise it reload the bullets
Make sure the clip is full like mamas fridge

[Chorus: 2pac]

Constantly armed, my firepower keep me warm
I'm trapped in the storm and fuck the world 'til I'm gone
And then it's on, before I leave, picture me
I'm spittin' at punk bitches and hustlin' to be free
Watch me set it, niggas don't want it, you can get it
Bet it make these jealous niggas mad I said it

[verse 2: Napoleon Da Legend]

Titanic fly bandit make ya body die from damage
Eating fried salmon using weaknesses to my advantage
Wild manic make the crowd panic ya crew morale famished
Bomb ya car make ya Uber ride vanish
Sly manner like Gambit I shuffle decks nonetheless
My posse double X and yes thats a subtle threat
Paint my rebuttal red you bubble head
Got yourself a couple dreads now you
Think you can spar to ya sudden death?
This is gutter my bread and butter you know the leg
Can never sleep on my shit kid this is not a bed
I’m stand offish I don’t stand with the man in office
Motivated by the energy that makes planet orbit
Or abandoned orphan they tried but they can’t deport him
God my only engineer I can’t let a man record em
I’m like the transporter
This rap game is money hungry and you can’t afford her

[Chorus: 2pac]

Constantly armed, my firepower keep me warm
I'm trapped in the storm and fuck the world 'til I'm gone
And then it's on, before I leave, picture me
I'm spittin' at punk bitches and hustlin' to be free
Watch me set it, niggas don't want it, you can get it
Bet it make these jealous niggas mad I said it
Track Name: When it Rains it Pours
[Chorus: 2pac]

You know, it's funny, when it rains it pours
They got money for wars but can't feed the poor x2

[verse: Napoleon Da Legend]

In the land of the corrupt greedy
Slums full of graffiti
Trump could give a fuck about the needy huh
Tribalism at all time high
Connect to wi-fi we don’t feel the time fly by
Domestic terrorism Mass shootings innocent die
Sinister vibes tricking citizens Ministers lie
Trips to Dubai sex trade slaves in Libya
Afghanistan poppy seeds and lithium
Campaigns where fame’s the main criteria kids die in Syria
Fake Ebola down in Liberia
Climate change hurricanes
In the streets where they serving cane
Glioblastoma that’ll hurt ya brain
Cancer patients news anchors with the planned statements
The work places a plantation where we standing slaving
White nationalism mass incarceration in the prison
Cops patrol blocks where the blacks living
Capitalism where the 1 % eat
Fast food chemicals you eating 1% beef
Music is an outlet but the industry’s fucked
All corrupt only twenty artists getting any love
Plus half these radio personality are shills
Trynna sell their fake reality as real
Brainwashed it’s a killer threat kids are depressed
Pain killer and drugs
Popping Xannies Ritalin in they blood
Insecure about themselves and worshipping celebs
Caught up in a web with a ton of bullshit in ya head
Million Cliches and the he say and she say the Weinsteins
Kevin Spacey's Hollywood is a crime scene
On high beams every industry is a crime scene
Power corrupts morally in everything I see
Proxy wars and moxy popping Oxys
Why we still talking bout Nazis?
The last lyricist surrounded by paparazzi
The truth understand it you can check my gram
For the proof outlandish
Politicking with fam on the stoop feeling stranded but
Making power moves on the planet

[Chorus: 2pac]

You know, it's funny, when it rains it pours
They got money for wars but can't feed the poor x3
Maybe if they tried to understand me – what should I do?
I had to feed my fuckin' family – what else could I do
Track Name: Pain
[verse 1: Napoleon Da Legend]

These politicians wanna kill us divid up the social class going to war poison our water got us going mad
No shelter for the homeless sleeping under the overpass the youth under the influence of drugs hard to get over that
Hospital bills medicaid recipient under Obamacare
When I hit the bottom wasn’t nobody but my mama there
These stars seem so far away no role models where live that rents late landlord screaming I gotta pay
Woke up late manager threatening to fire me
Police look at me like I’m a menace to society
Friend or foe it’s getting hard to tell apart
My homie's sister lost her child and she just feel apart
So much pain

Tired of the strain and the pain
Tired of the strain and the pain

[verse 2: Napoleon Da Legend]

They got me bugging feeling paranoid
Avoiding devils in the dark wearing a mask
And there’s void inside my heart
I feeling broken
Scattered pieces of my soul in city roaming
Johnny Walker to the head I hope it get me going
They fascinated by America overseas
While they try assassinate my character, enemies
I never mind em they blinded by jealousy
How the hell I make it out of hell free
A prisoner inside a cell block mentally
Shell shocked physically
If I fail I’m a liability
I need some dough by the week
I gotta hustle for my family to eat
I feel the pressure building up inside drunk and high
Somebody in my way and I’m pop em yo I swear to god
Yesterday I lost another brother
Looking up at the sky asking why we got to suffer
There’s much so pain

Tired of the strain and the pain
Tired of the strain and the pain
Track Name: Str8 Ballin
[verse 1: Napoleon Da Legend]
A couple million dollar all I ask I want the bag
Just a savage you keep the fame I want the cash
As a youngin' was amazed by the glamours and glitz
The show business
The beautiful girls and gold diggers
The fancy cars and the mansion abroad
The crowd applause and the blogs
Bagging a thick amazon baby how bout menage
Pool parties with bikini hotties
Curves with a tiny body drinking a martini probably
Abu Dhabi Lamborghini rides
3 wishes for the genie in the bottle you gonna see me fly
Model chicks with the coke bottle figure how you figure
I became a king had to fit my whole vision inside a picture
Picture me rolling in a 550 ride with me they getting mad
Cause we don’t follow rules but why should we?
Always knew me as outcast couch surfing
Now I’m crowd surfing lock jaw this lady’s mouth hurting
Another day another couple hundred
I’m always up to something
I’m a find a way to get it yo!
I’m straight balling!

[verse 2: Napoleon Da Legend]
Penitentiary chances machievellian anthems
My pen and me we too advanced for these bammas
I set the standards for me it’s a just a way of life (that's right)
Give it up for all my soldiers and my a-alikes
Cruising at slow speed up the block drinking OE
Hit the spot and take a shorty back that's Easy Mo Bee
Take it further back my cool is "Mo Dee" a hooligan
Remember when I used to flow for no fee
That’s a no no, peep the promo it's photogenic when u snap it
Every bars life changing like bible verses you tatted
Publicized divorces with arbitrators
Carbon copy's who imitate us
Boys in blue try to intimidate us
Early morning waking up texting me baby u left me
Had to hit it quick and then I'm ghost thats mighty healthy
Grabbing that seltzer water mix it with something potent
We getting poured up missing meetings that's mad important
We straight balling!
Track Name: Letter
[verse 1: Napoleon Da Legend]
Now Ever since my birth on earth I would roam for miles
In case I never get to holla at my unborn child
Since an adolescence I learned lessons
Everybody knew I was a go getter would do whatever but nah
I didn’t know better I had grow fast
Changed cities like a nomad
Parents Took me to the states I was young
Speaking in my mother tongue seen kids tote guns
B-ball was first love
I Would run to the park first Thing when I woke up
I had the hoop dreams a few groupies
Would take a cutie to the movies but
Life would humble a few times
If you seek you will find had to find myself a new grind
(in)stead of giving up I got better
Hope you understand my love letter
To my unborn child

[verse 2: Napoleon Da Legend]
Moved from DC to Brooklyn never looked back
When you go against the grain you get some push back
Nobody gon give to me so I took that
All the worrying and stress I just shook that
People talk let em talk
Somebody do you wrong cut em off let em walk let em go
Set goals from get go and let em know
And Keep investments stacked in ya escrow
Let em guess ya next move don’t tell em yet
And when you drunk don’t send a text
Social media’ll mess with ya brain
More or less like Jay said gotta learn na love with regrets
Stay around folks that like-minded
Those who don’t believe just let the light blind em
Pressure make diamond the world will see u shine
You’ll understand in due time
To my unborn child
Track Name: Charles S. Dutton
verse: Napoleon Da Legend]
Arsonists spitting arsenic
Slurping parsnip soup at the table got the right chips for bargaining
Hearts darkening using white chicks for marketing
Charles Darwin logic know I’m nice with the jargon I’m a juggernaut
Conglomerates hot sneak in the governor's spot
Get in her wives drawers like southerners got
I hold the covenant my attitude is stubborn as rock
Motherless blocks
Where black men be getting cuffed by the cops knock knock
Don’t answer the door fire escape skating out
We an army get entire states taken out
Empire State making out Bitcoin that big noise Siegfried and Roy
That kid playing with big boys
Flip toys you Chips O’hoy cookie cutter
Beat u off of 10 years and these is just my rookie numbers
Lay low looking bummish
Already booked for the summer
A hundred and miles and running like I took something
But still I’m having memories of high speeds when the cops crash
[Napoleon Da Legend]
Cross that
Shred the documents that say where pacs at
When u left we lost that raw rap u saw that ?
When they see make em do like Pope and kiss the tarmac
Many dreams is all I had and plenty wishes
[Napoleon Da Legend]
Like the holy grail to a christian I had to go and get it
The nerve of them to leave me off of bad and boogie
A couple of movies, now the whole world's tryna screw me
[Napoleon Da Legend]
Damn I’m trynna to enjoy the fruits of my labor
U ain’t a goon you a beta
I’m out here moving this paper you know the
The Media's trying to test me
[Napoleon Da Legend]
Fishing for scandals tryna trap me cause they wanna X me
Misery is all I see that's my mindstate
[Napoleon Da Legend]
Planet of the apes gorilla primate
Me and my fate go on a blind date
They tried to bury me I'm worried
[Napoleon Da Legend]
My soul is unsullied rock a skully thru storm it’s getting ugly feeling like I’m
Falling to pieces am I guilty?
[Napoleon Da Legend]
For trying get filthy owning my master and some realty fuck with me
Show me a miracle I'm hopeless
[Napoleon Da Legend]
Off dopamine I’m overdosing
Coping with emotions of the roller coaster
One minute it’s up one minute it’s down
My friends ain’t around I’m living in a cynical town now
Don't messing funerals I'm stressing and going nutty
[Napoleon Da Legend]
Feeling like McGilly cutty I don’t really know who love me
Fell back I had to study look at my past
Flashbacks of busting caps anything for money
[Napoleon Da Legend]
Next to the DJ booth smuggled the box cutters
My next door neighbor have convos with undercovers
[Napoleon Da Legend]
Watching my 6 it’s getting hot in the city shots of Henny wondering who could be plotting against me cause
Everybody's dying am I next
[Napoleon Da Legend]
Paranoia in my head hard to decipher a friend from a threat
Or will they kill me when I'm sleeping, two to the head
[Napoleon Da Legend]
Ya alleged death is still a mystery to the feds
But never mind got this shorty on another line
Telling me she missing me asking me to spend some time
Now she's telling me to visit, who else is home?
[Napoleon Da Legend]
Looking at my phone somebody tryna split my dome
Kept talking I’m a entertain her
See you later, to all the players watch the sly way a nigga played her
[Napoleon Da Legend]
Respect the curve drove to the burbs to lay my head
Had to exit like Bruce lee in the game of death
Felt it throughout my frame brain is depressed
She whispered in my ear and I smelt the pain in her breath
Her claim to fame was to fuck a celeb
Shorty was stuck in some debt she became a plug for the feds
She dealt drugs and was addicted to meth
My only mission was sex bang it a few times she was refreshed
She had some pms took a washcloth for the blood
Charles s Dutton cloth that I’m cut
I’m Just glutton
I’m in love with this fast lane max Payne
Burden on my shoulder walk a mile in my shoe
You catch a back sprain
Track Name: Sucka 4 Love
[verse 1: Napoleon Da Legend]
Looking at you from behind baby girl you fine
First time we dated and the conversation blew my mind
She spoke with such eloquence about ya life plans
Elegance had thoughts of her being my wife man
I know I’m speeding passed the limit what can I say?
She caught me playing off my pivot and I felt a way
Door step should’ve left but she took me in
Didn’t wanna think about what could have been
Now we 4 weeks in she asking me for help
Her mama sick up at the hospital and she can’t pay rent
And plus her check won't be deposited till next week
And said she’d get right me back and started sexing me
And like an R&B singer playing my favorite song
She had me wrapped around her pinky finger I was gone
Figured out she didn’t have a job
She was scamming me and 4 other guys I’m a sucker for love

[verse 2: Napoleon Da Legend]
Finished fucking her brains out we were dumbing out
Turning up in the bed cussing each other out
We would do it up in public in all the stores
Bathrooms fitting rooms even outdoors
She’d come visit on her lunch break would break her off
Make her cum put her clothes on and shake it off
Our addiction to the sex kept us coming us coming back
Was an assassin in the sack but besides that
Constant arguing and drama the set backs
I seen her cursing out her mama that’s a red flag
Threaten to leave now she riding on my coattail
27 missed calls and 6 voice mails
Nah nah nah I’m done with her someone come get her
I love her ass but I don’t like the shit that come with her
She stole my heart like a crook
We back at it one drunk nights all it took
I’m a sucker for Love
Track Name: Legends Never Die
[hook: Napoleon Da Legend]
Come with me
Hail Mary will you come quick see?
What do we have here now?
You gonna ride or die?
La la la la la la la

[verse 1: Napoleon Da Legend]
2Pac Shakur struck a cord in my core I tried to process
And morn Copping a forty at the corner store torn
You was a soldier and a leader both now your ghost roams
So complex codes you left to decode in ya poems sold concepts
Sold out shows and live concerts
Some think you still roaming around alive and on earth
A rebel against oppression with aggression in ya message
Controversy followed every step took it wrote ya legend
Accusations and allegeds' ya voice embodied struggle
Embodied excellence ya work ethic embodied hustle
You against the world but you provide us with hope
In many top fives you regarded as G.O.A.T
Juice above the rim we loved the movies
You help raise us for better or worse a lot of love you gave us
We need it more than ever Pac forever shine
Celebrate his life together cause legends never die

[hook: Napoleon Da Legend]
Come with me
Hail Mary will you come quick see?
What do we have here now?
You gonna ride or die?
La la la la la la la

[verse 2: Napoleon Da Legend]
Melancholic Yesterday the sky color was scarlet
I’m Sitting silent reminiscing on my days in college
Alcoholic liquor store run little to no funds having fun
On prowl for these chicks like a shogun
Freestyling in the car amped up we hearing ambulances
Cops telling us to put our hands up
"What’s the problem officer? we wasn't driving and the car was parked we in the parking lot ready to bar hop"
He said "there’s been a shooting and the car match the description"
I drive a green corolla I don’t need a statistician
What the fuck? you think I’d blast a gun then go to party?
No disrespect either you racist or that animal logic
Guns drawn at the car like they ready to blast
Checking the I.D.s and registration getting harassed
Meanwhile they get a call saying a suspect is caught
They threw our ids right out on the street and peel off
Track Name: I Ain't Mad
[verse 1: Napoleon Da Legend]
Fame and wealth music sales dictating whether its felt
Carved my lane why the fuck should I explain myself
Sometimes I blame myself I’m so impatient
Gotta provide gotta show and prove there’s people waiting
My pops died I moved back slept on my momma couch
Got myself together now I wanna my mom a house
Moved to Brooklyn got a transfer from my job
Friends thought I was crazy I always overlooked the odds
I quickly learned about the business and shiestness
Brothers sisters acting clickish the divisiveness
But I understand why cause snake slither
And they all positioning themselves to be the place hitter
My girl got a job as a babysitter she held me down
Praying everyday like lord please fail me now
As I surrender to my fate all I can do is be great playing it safe
I ain’t mad

[verse 2: Napoleon Da Legend]
We all living in our small bubble big fish small puddle
We all struggle rather no talk all hustle
24 hours in a day, it’s the same across the board
God mode standing the crossroads
The mirror is a lie cause I paint my own reflection
I’m a deaf tunnel vision to the top my goals protected
Overzealous at time let my passion burst out
I quit my job right after manager kirked out
Never looked back cause the past is an illusion
And The path I choose will the one that craft my future
Like an aircraft shooting thru sky
Scrutinize and admired thru the fire
Regular folk transform to messiahs
You courageous moments define ya
Ya soul survives ya when you die
There’s no the taking the cars in ya garages
I wanna do more sharing and less socializing
More focus more freedom less over-analyzing
Life is pain peace pain I want some peace again
I got lost now I gotta find the key again
No respect no friendship fuck you expect
Cause first they love you they hate you then they love again
Don’t pay the fickle any mind they’ll end up robbing you blind
Im a get the bag you can keep the nickels and dimes
I’m a stay up never the middle I’m a be fine
I’m a do me till the stars to align until then
I ain’t mad

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