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Two Piece

by Napoleon Da Legend

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White Beard 01:43
Another of day of life another day escaping death Made it an artform of making a way with less If you wanna discourage us you can save your breath We never back down from comp yo we play the best Ain’t no safe zones we lay stones And make it known making it out to the throne on our faces is shown Yo we ready for the shit and all it’s consequences We thirsty for that win we get it on to quench it They might a started it, but we taking up arms to end it We do it for the underdogs and those that’s hardly mentioned They wanna muzzle us the way they try to do it’s suss Don’t know what to do with us, we still here we doing us Worked a lifetime for this one feat You can catch a two piece I’m out for the "One Piece"
Back like I never left, carried enough regrets I learned to live with it, trained to rise above the rest My moms left the US she went back to the islands Now I’m off the races I’m bout to max the mileage We used to cut! Demos post! Up in front of labels Y’all be treating fans like customers, I said fuck! The fables M’y stories unedited more like a directors cut They had y’a chance to shine, it’s they fault they messed it up It’s been a journey everything I got I had to earn it I was determined.. I took the wheel without a permit I had the courage to see it through I built a véhicule As if I was just gonna quit/ what else you wanted me to do? Rubbed shoulder with stars… and iconic figures Ran into all types of niggas, seen a trail of victims Caught up in the web the games not!fainted Heart It got me looking like the prime version of James Harden Now I’m ready straight focused my sleeves up When you step inside the court, things start to speed up Producers hurling beats at me, rappers throwing beef at me Acting like the police, shorties throwing cheeks at me You’ll sell yourself short! Trying keep! Everybody happy You gotta learn how to say No! keep the replies snappy I got saavy thru the meetings, and the conferences You can’t succeed when you surrounded by incompetence Kept the circle real thorough no dead weights Let em speculate riding the bench! While they spectate Dropped mega heavyweight tapes I’m off to the next phase They see my name associated and they press play Steamroll em see the chosen in the scene holding Watch out for them thieves so many got their dreams stolen Il durable money account buzzing While I sleep money That solid as rock nothing you can seize from me A walking contradiction living in a violent system Still smiling… thru the wickedness with a child’s vision Surf the algorithm NFTs thru open seas Crossing oceans, I recruited the coldest team Values from the older school that still hold strong I’m the truth so fuck y’a debates cause u both wrong The New Wu, we form Voltron Transform like Gohan, focus our energy in both arms Soldier in arms still focused and calm Getting big I feel like I can hold the world in my palm The journey was long, but well worth it at the end A terrible chapter end, now we laughing with friends The ends justify the means, we alive so we can dream Trying to right! Some of our wrongs, we strive to be redeemed Whether face to face, in person or live stream Thru trials, we persevere! Till our tribe succeeds Make the world shocked with something to remember us for Lock in in the winter hit the road when the temperature warm Heart pounding thru my chest I can feel it in my person Intimately learned my inner workings beneath the surface And if it all! Came easy then it would defeat the purpose On a herculean feat, till I reach my peak version My eyes to the East cause the sunrise there Hard rocks alumni, we not run by fear
Remarkable how can I be innocuous ? I got an arsenal that nobody can argue with Motherfuckers a be lost if they didn’t copy shit This is high caliber standard of calculus Strategic dominance Knock the elephant out of the room with hippopotames I carry weight like a diplodocus Knocked him out cold, his body flew a few kilometers Nicolas the Second, ridiculous with the weapon You feeling lucky? spin the wheel you can pick ya death wish FedEx and ups, I make sure they get message Shooting session that a put him a suit in seconds When the grim reaper come these sinners shoot to heaven Got half my enemies looking for a new profession Channel my animosity had to remove aggression So if you have a problem I suggest you used discretion If we on a different page I’m a close the book Uppercuts to the face are followed by explosive hooks Im a ghost em look, easy like sunday morning Drop classics like the commodores when I’m performing Easy target, roll his carcass up in carpets In the back of his apartment dump him in the garbage Time to pay homage to this legendary shaman Im all action without unecessary comments The emperors back Bringing ice grills attitudes and tempers back Enter the trenches, like a private Ryan scene Fuck is that? You ain’t showing me nothing I ain’t seen This is science got the fam and no I in team A chimera I was born with a lions gene A soul of defiance, get dead if you step over the line It’s game over so, don’t let it go over y’a mind
My ceremony grand serenaded by the morning band To make a name we travel foreign lands Wine spills we laugh watching our competitors try Passions a prerequisite my drive made predators cry The chairman of board, carrying the torch Serious swordsman catchin a body in every assault Dropping bombs take flight like aerosols Barry Gordy my songs I carry myself like a boss Heads get tossed in basket, death is a right a passage I cut off all attachment I’m just about the action And that’s worth a thousand words like a picture without a caption How they trick us to proud to have the psyche of a fascist? Success is elastic it can snap back at any moment You can be basking in light, not knowing it’s already over Fortune and fame misfortune and pain Sometimes the only path to victory’s to forfeit the game Lost in a reverie a day dream I'm a make it cause I’m crazy to believe that can Everything ain’t always what it seems Gazing at the ocean with my feet in the sand Formally as Napoleon my soul is transforming Sandstorms in the desert hesitation is a coffin Keeping my balance while walking on sharp blade Watching em blockade the block in front Barclays I'm like Bar-Kays I make instruments talk it be just him and his thoughts A lack of patience is my infamous flaw Gaze in the infinite, like James Webb these zombies is brain dead In a place where you learn to curse and to bless in the same breath Couldn’t be chained to a desk, I needed more Everytime I think I seen it all I see even more Thats why I dream some more, cause the treadmill ain’t for me The irony of life is even for freedom you pay a fee When going from A to B, you still gotta go through the "why" X marks the spot missing out on Z's to get the prize And that’s the one piece that’ll make the whole puzzle connect Play your card and then reshuffle the deck Lost in a reverie a day dream I'm a make it cause I’m crazy to believe that can Everything ain’t always what it seems Gazing at the ocean with my feet in the sand
Setting sail on the grand line We got sustenance muscle to stand for the test of time Kind of hard to find the right words to best define The game is treacherous and it’s a mental exercise Yo set up a base and built Takes courage determination Will If being eager doesn’t kill being too patient will Who else can take you to the apex with a basement feel? If your bars don’t get you killed then your statements will If it ain’t your hypocrisy your fakeness will They tried to divide to conquer us break our defense down Gems turn to "legend" like we straight out Trenchtown We on starting five, no longer on the bench now We just here to dish out the punishment that was send down Po Nej we got it lit like this When you go for kings throne best not miss (don't miss) Hit em wit a two piece rose to a new peak These cats is like two sheets in the wind trolls & groupies I’m like a Sioux chief turning a whole new leaf Ever evolving always changing this my new league Sometimes I let the hair rule free or rock a kufi Open throat chakras I’m wearing lapis lazuli You ain’t gon’ get what you need by not asking or being too meek I’m too street to let people play me or talk loosely My life is a movie light a cigar in the jacuzzi Reflect upon the failures and wins and let it move me If you knew me then you knew how far I’ve come cuz I do me Another doobie in the air just to soothe me The truth is a hard pill to swallow it got me woozy We like mirrors to each other like the sky and the blue sea I never lose me even when things threw me I just got back up nursed my wounds and found the beauty Yours truly, y’all know how we do under pressure The connector swinging sword lecture Out to find the stolen treasure, in the colonized sector Don’t apologize we ride with an improvised temper The palette cleanser, the terrestrial life ender You type tender wallets get swiped likeTtinder Damage ya agenda with Nejma, the bet hedger The top trender they be trying to befriend us Forever an apprentice who surpassed the master Right off throne yet I’m proned to smack bastard Like in Alabasta, thru the hills of Calabasas You probably maladapted to my caliber of chatting Talons in cannon, what I’m telling you is cannon Hand over fist like this, blows landed It’s how it be, Rest In Peace to Malik (Malik B) In reality throughout the galaxy unchallenged Took back the palace most of these dudes childish In they own wonderland but not as smart as Alice Crush they phallus Po pass me the chalice like a Maoist We steady uprising they just slither with a loud hiss The catastrophic mad atomic like classic comics Galactic cosmic get ready for a massive bombing We astronomic iconic like Dre & The Chronic Napoleonic & NeJ modern day Nostradamus The colossal prolific when we slay apostles Watch who you model megalithic don’t wait for tomorrow Demon slayers the ether layer we cease a player They cheaper labor we lethal nature a sweeter flavor The incomparable rare a miracle there Finish each other’s sentences like a marital pair Pharogamo the Great Nebuchadnezzar NeJ Always take it further never settle for less
It’s always good to build With ya true friends we rotate who foots the bill Keeping ya karma good, building up your goodwill Thinking back at what you didn’t do, thinking that you could still Arguments and angry words thinking that I could have chilled Wasn’t there mentally, at that time something I couldn’t feel Facade of toughness like a mask on a scared child Your greatest fear will always be there, that’s the real trial So many say vows in vain, clouds and rain No accountability walking round with a proud frame Always remember that the poor shall reign Promoting narcissisism as if it’s a normal thing I cherish my friend, I ain’t too proud to say it The thing with universal truths, they’ll never be outdated Many times rejected and I often felt shaded When I saw the world’s true colors like cell shading Fresh out of favors when it’s unappreciated No time, life can be so quickly abbreviated Inherited the Will of D like Luffy and Rogers When we say "peace" yhat means it’s beautifully acknowledged Chill never panic Take nothing for granted The sky is not the limit The mood swings be wild during these times I keep my focus on the prize and make a bee line How can I even think of freeing minds? I gotta free mine P90 on the waistline guess I’m a need time And in the meantime I’m a need some "me" time Hard to leave behind the beef and drama in the meat grind I had to learn to read signs Reevaluate the contract with myself before I resigned Change my direction like Kyle Irving Had to learn to fix myself up while I’m hurting I made a vow to greatness Excellence is a feeling I can’t explain it The world belong to the courageous Not promised, tomorrow could be your funeral arrangement Now I’m taking every breath, like it’s beautiful and sacred And every single step I take is a movie in the making And every interaction could be better than imagine Surfin past days that are ugly in fly fashion If life’s really a bitch, then I’m a try smashing Shoot my shot, aiming at the basket
Kaido 02:15
Killing it who the kid getting it bloody Getting money Then bouncing out the scene like some silly putty Going to war with a vendetta carrying a 92 beretta I set it on enemies for proper measure They need an order of protection when I caught em stepping Important to mention who Jordan is within the session Sporting a gorgeous weapon they mortified of the legend My appetite for the fights like I ordered a side of breakfast Muy Thai method multi-dimensional essence I hit the bulleyes everytime i squeeze a desert Roanoa Zoro Dorohedoro Hirohito don’t compare the god to a mere mortal Goro with extra limbs the excellence an expert in Wrecking the competition it’s effortless how I’m deading them And leave the scene without even a shred evidence Po the legend is the best, they know it already When it's time for the business got a trophy for petty Ghostface and Rae shit you know it get heavy Turned anime to rap and my fanbase clapped Yo gods the creator fuck the man made crap And you can lambaste that, on y’a wall at home You know the number, you need me, call my phone Hard work blood sweat and Trust the process, and Day in, day out, shine Never let ‘em see you sweat … Bam Adebayo with the deadly audio Ride or die yo I’m bound to get a body though Body blows and uppercuts, when we knuckle up Decouple a couple of bastards, when we fuck em up Hustle to actions, I run with a bastion Tussle with a bunch of em thumping with a passion Dump in a casket the captain it’s no capping we capping the co captain The habit we both have it An addict of war, they fabricated info is flawed They aggregated all your prints, man I been there before You a fraud, wild pussy but y’a slick with the talk My default setting, is to beat you to the floor Beat down ya whole team then I’m beating y’a boss I'm putting paws on they heads with unbelievable force Then it’s peace, Fuck signing a treaty just get lost Pharoahgamo I don’t play around I told you before I got the C4 and artillery for the beef They gonna beg the UN for military relief Hard work blood sweat and Trust the process, and Day in, day out, shine Never let ‘em see you sweat …
God Usopp 02:47
You gotta love that, trouble gotta brush passed Used to struggle I would hustle off a bus pass Duffle bag with my gym clothe off to Dundar Street ball put pressure on my lower lumbar Had dreams of going dumb far Would get it done par, would get it in until the sun dark Ankle injury career in ball was done Paul Off to craft a rap career without a jump start We was dumb smart also super dumb Paul Hitting dumb walls, that’s how you learn when you young Paul T, Doogie and John Paul we would hit the club Paul Super ambitous and refusing to be subpar Legendary recordings that was the upstart Before you get success you gotta go through mud Paul I rubbed shoulder with the stars I guess it rubbed off Taking chances 50 Cent it's death or going up "North" See the way I think… I only play to win See the way I think I only play to win See the way I think I only play to win See the way I think Let the saga begin It’s a process, looking passed the nonesense And getting all the negativity out of my conscience Self doubt stayed a little bit I prayed a little bit facing my inner self-hate a little bit Thoughts of quitting I can’t lie I considered it I used to dream about it, today I’m living it It’s rocky road slippery like hockey yo Concentrate my "haki" mix Cobra Kai with Miyagi Do Now they pulling up soon as I hit the lobby bro Room service menu pasta with the lobster bro What a blessing, this morning I slept it Woke up in a foreign city that I dreamt of Remember at the same time last year I was stressing Waiting for my distribution check to hit my checking Now it feels like thousands more are checking Takes time to get there, that’s the thing they hardly mention Life can change fast See the way I think… I only play to win See the way I think I only play to win See the way I think I only play to win See the way I think Let the saga begin
Soul King 02:32
Marvelous porngraphist poverty novelist Private economist probably rather stay anonymous Theme ominous, the heats on on the thermometer The conqueror common denominator not a commoner Brush shoulders with icons, they brush my shoulders The sub-culture Soul King paid by the club promoter Prolific acrylic idyllic how I build it Take for granted at times fans convince me that I killed it Anderson Silva in his prime, before the tibia Darth Sidius, after his face turned hideous Smash the criteria, Syth Lord dark side Witnessing the world turn shit show apartheid Saavy with a sharp vibe, loving fries at Popeyes Louisiana sauce is psy-ops we got knives We got bangers, around clock counter clockwise Counter-culture for the flock this is Mack 5 I make a movie everyday Violate put the cutie in her place Attitude with me like I’m moody everyday They wanna cancel never trip I’m cooling anyway Self-doubt murderer, with fervor without further ado Their career stagnant like, house furniture Blacked out like Picasso when he did Guernica Been known to travel, around the earth's curvature They can’t see or CC me, my style menacing Got like soul like Cece Peniston, Fitting to winning again, it’s too late to call for reinforcements You wanna see him perform, the fee is too enormous And if we going to war my crew is in the forest If you blink, my fist is in ya jaw like George Foreman Do the knowledge, I know more than know it all Collecting gems throughout the years, now I’m showing off Tense, king's crown on top my head Stand my ground, with the pound now I got my bread Profound, more techniques than pronouns Give you lowdown… I’m a lose how?
Ace 02:13
The road of excellence holyness enveloped in Flesh and gelatin around the skeleton Ropes made of velvet where they sell us a dream And many times I fell in it The selfishness inside of me could'nt see the hell in it The soul tethered to the body held by gravity Traveled to hell and back couldn’t let it unravel me Will I ever get that beat from Premier That feature from Nas, theses questions is deeper than God It ain’t corny to dream… I’m a dream till I die And I’m a keep praying for what I wanna see in my rhymes This climate is tough for everyone, Covid fucked a lot of plans We go against the odds with pride like my father’s land The world big gotta get it how you live It ain’t about what you earn it’s about what you give The soul of J Dilla in me prophecy fulfiller The exposition the ancient philosophy revealer How can anybody possibility, give it to you realer? I stop providing you with fish, I took you to the river Ignored the side talk, keep that on the sidetalk I sharing my thoughts it’s potent when the god talk Very focused kept my mind the game As I’m saying this.. I’m seeing Putin bombing Ukraine You still debating A.OT.Y. who’s the T.O.N.Y. But what the endgame? The other day my S.O.N. died My Operandi… rooted in realities fact You dudes is kneejerks reactors don’t know how to react Reactionaries full of outrage dowsing the flame Without doing the proper knowledge of what you crop in the frame So think before shouting my name, cause I’m a give you what need And that’s about a half hour of fame A quick two piece, Monkey D Luffy type ass kicking Stop dropping information with the facts missing
Katakuri 02:19
We not bashful we tear down statues Cash moves everything if anybody ask you Money on the table if you got it than we match you Crack you these doctors won’t be able to patch you We bad news, astute Attitude is ass too Fist in your mouth, we extract you like bad tooth Blast you with hollows bullets pass thru Organs, Swiss Army knife a leave a stab wound So unfortunate They only understand violence We put the word out there and so we stand by it Military slang giant, caught ya mans lying Smashing alliances with deadly force, and science Franchise Steve Francis They throwing up some hands signs I fuck em up with both hands tied Grendizer level up while your brand dies Grand rising, watch out for the land mines Sending out a javelin, missile to y’a abdomen I'm just adlibing admit it I'm just tad different you keep the tab running Mad hundreds my attacks keep the bags coming I'm the last coming going off on beats like a bad drummer Leave you hanging like a bad number Knowing what you did last summer on a fast come up You gassed up, I just make the math run up NapGeo Po Geopolitical bars Spiritual fists can’t be blocked by physical guard Unorthodox out the box style, you can kick rocks We hit the block with the glocks out And you can get shot, just for moving in an odd style Get out dodge it’s getting hostile This mob style classic shit, blasting shit Take what we want without asking shit
Zoro 03:26
Idealistically? Nah I deal with life realistically I took risks and now my name ingraved in history A single epiphany can change your whole direction At the right place and the right time, you make that one connection You can make that one song or draw that one picture Write that story that encapsulates all of human existence Capture lighting in bottle, inspiration from a breath An emotion from a tear, a note that laying on your desk A text from an ex, or a friend you haven’t heard from A door of opportunity opens for you to earn some A weather change a change of perspective for better aim You make ya luck only those stuck are people who never change The soul Etta James resonates throughout the corridor Hate can be the needle that broke the camels back And took him overboard In an orgy of thoughts, these trophies come at cost Feeling a quiet night breeze sowing seeds throughout the morgue Memories are stored all of my deeds in my pores Watching time fly hard to cease and press pause There a cause and effect we appreciate or ignore Hard to look up in the mirror, and face my own flaws I wasn’t chasing her, I was replacing her I didn’t want her back… I was afraid of her I wasn’t faithful but.. she wasn’t faithful too The constant disrespect, I wasn’t able to Tolerate the mouth, and inconsistencies The non-backing of the talk throughout our history People are like magnets, but they can change polarities The same shit that attract can you repel back eventually Same shit in friendships sometimes you gotta end shit It ain’t worth it gotta cut out that energy dependence Reflecting off my solar panel, receptive to some new vibes When new doors is opening it’s always like new high Enriched by our experiences like the sultan of Brunai Skin getting dryer how time just flew by Are we living or we watching? Contemplating or shaking Living for the moment, tonight your soul awakens Memories are stored all of my deeds in my pores Watching time fly hard to cease and press pause There a cause and effect we appreciate or ignore Hard to look up in the mirror, and face my own flaws
Nico Robin 03:10
The world devalues you So you can prostitute yourself to feel valued Mind eyes kept sleep like pills of Valium We seek asylum in drugs, cheap thrills with an outcome Often deadly, stressed from work we live without fun Hating on ya neighbor no love... we live without some Thinking we can avoid our fears we fail to outrun The fate and the destiny that’s written for us Out of tune and harmony singing a different chorus All around the world same shit different forest Consuming till our brain fried like shrimp tempura Already tried the straight and boring route it wasn’t working My name was arrogant, as if ambition was a person I left the day job, then I started writing more Jumped in it without caring what it might involve Breaking the fourth wall, taking y’all behind the curtain So you can see the inner workings of the game in person Slowly made a name day by day by slaying verses Some people saw the greatness early and made me nervous The music industry is set up like a Ponzi scheme Many people cynical dead inside like a zombie scene Never accepted, many meetings weren’t followed up Swallowed my pride spit on wax what I bottled up "Steal this mixtape" I told y’all to get it free I illustrated what I would sound like on better beats Bryan Winston introduced me to Madlib and Dilla That’s when I stepped into beast mode like a mad gorilla Several manager I went through but it wasn’t clicking I had to chalk it up to the game, I wasn’t tripping Secret competitions, rappers chasing clout Acting hollywood in other words that ain’t my route Realize my love for this was real deep in fact Few years later, found myself knee deep in rap Dabbled in French maximizing my strenghts Random messages from strangers idolizing my pen Made my own trends, pressed it on the vinyl myself Took ownership my own narrative, defining myself While I was seeking my goals was really finding myself It got way realer, when I would no longer, lie to myself Proud of myself, meditate and bow to myself Validation starts from within, shout out to myself I know great I’m just reminding myself You should do it too… It feels better I’m surrounded by the truest crew And everything they said I'd never do I’ll do it twice This catalogue of mine a living documentary I gave you insights on my life complementary Giving space and energy only for the things that’s meant for me … And if you praying I appreciate vibes you send to me…
The Search 02:12
We’re all searching for the "One Piece" That one missing piece to make us feel complete No pharmaceuticals needed this music can help heal for free If no one’ll speak about your greatness then you’ll hear it from me The journeys been long, I got lost many time Had to reevaluate where I was going had to pause many times Crossed many lines, some people didn’t like it We live in boxes when you think outside of it… People gonna fight it Does that mean I’m a stop? Hell no I'm a go harder than a shell toe I'm a stick to it like Velcro I'm a still maneuver through a hellzone As my eyes fixated on the prize I also realized How great things materialized How many real connections were serialized How many smiles and laughs diverse like styles of raps I made a vow to act on my dreams Pumped up arms bursting out of my sleeves Kept going even when I felt out of my league A crew of pirates setting sail, searching the holy grail In between times we got so many stories to tell The growth was evident you all seen it Took the scenic route you were there side by side with me Through all the meaningful bouts While some were feinding for clout We search for meaning Something we weren’t leaving out or leaving without Cause it wouldn’t be the same Years pass and seasons change Events made me mature I don’t even speak the same Oda knew where he was going since the first episode Same way I knew where I was going before I had a record sold If you see me just know I’m same guy, perhaps with better clothes No need to over do it cause less is more Many nights were stormy while other days the blessings poured They ask me, "What would you have done without hip-hop?" I guess we’ll never know….


An anime inspired project written and produced by Napoleon Da Legend
(Song 5 written by Nejma Nefertiti & Napoleon Da Legend)


released September 2, 2022

Produced by Napoleon Da Legend
Writted by Napoleon Da Legend
Featuring DJ TMB & Nejma Nefertiti




Napoleon Da Legend Brooklyn, New York

Napoleon Da Legend Bilingual MC & Producer artist from Comoros, living in Brooklyn, New York.

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