Adam and Eve

by Napoleon Da Legend



Beat remade by Mozzi Mauri.
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[Napoleon Da Legend verse 1]
I got my gift challenging my curse u out of luck
What’s the diameter of earth I don’t give a fuck!
The pharaoh, Iron sheik blessed mind and physique
Mahershala Ali inside of shorty balls deep
Still bump Mobb Deep I got em kissing gods knees
Ménage three, all consensual never pull a Cosby
From the slave boats but not by choice keep ya mind moist
Experiencing blind joy growing up a foul boy
City where the righteous starve licans spar
Titans fall show y’all how Pisces ball
Twice evolve, came up out the woodwork
With soul like a hood church
Four mixtapes? That’s some good work
Pitch black jacket with a fly actress on IMAX
Don’t get sidetracked, here comes the climax
Another freebie what I do daily
And That’s cool but hit me back as soon as u can pay me

[Napoleon Da Legend verse 2]
This ain’t fake deep, I’m waist deep inside maze see
Some rather stay sleep me I never waste speech
Cause we in dire time of false messiahs for minds eye
Quasi- philosophies from false gods
This ain’t a diss to Nas don’t misconstrue it
Rather for the corporate vultures who would pimp the music
On an exodus, the garden of eden we exited
Rest In Peace Bourdain, it’s hard to be perfectionist
Melanin tone light, I can see in low light
Been thru hell never sell ya fairy tales Snow White
Po-lice hunting us, bullet wounds no life
Being brokes like being wet and naked on a cold night
Death can be oversight moms grieve
Other side is palm trees with yatch parties
Fell the need to escape and play is safe the devil waits at the gate with the leather face, trust the process this is yellow cake


released July 5, 2018
Beat Remade by Mozzi Mauri


all rights reserved



Napoleon Da Legend

The Anti-Hero


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