Faux Friends

by Napoleon Da Legend

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The topic of friendship is nothing new to the genre of Hip-Hop. In fact, several notable emcees have penned odes to the subject matter. A perfect example being MF Doom's "Deep Fried Frenz". Or, how about one of my personal favorites "Betrayal" by Gang Starr featuring Scarface and the late great Guru.

As we all know, some friends will lie and let you down while others will be there for you when you'd least expect it. Although, not always for the reason you'd like. Having said that. Listen as Napoleon Da Legend joins in on the conversation with his new track, "Faux Friends" (Fake Friends).


Life’s a journey that’s strange
Attorney’s trained to take your money
Friends acting funny like what Bernie Mac say
Back in the day we used to have a dollar and a dream
Dead broke inside the metro
Plotting in the scene then the money came and the things
Changed magazine dames articles in magazine’s praise pressure surface like tats in the arms of Jean Grae
Green berets in the trenches stretching out my friendships
Stressing and my facial expression cannot conceal
Ain’t got time to analyze what the next man feel
Want us to think the solution’s in a Xanax pill
Word to Guru get the mass appeal and cash in the mils
Then you symbolize success to em
They don’t see the rest to it used to say let’s do it they didn’t
Want to step to it now your middle name is money gram and
Western union where’s the party where’s the groupies everything except for music
It’s all about the dollars they peeking inside your wallet followers grow
Money flow grows like anabolics
Who got your best interest in mind only a few cause
There’s benefits they’re getting from associating with you
They asking for favors that they wouldn’t do for you
Doesn’t make sense when you put together two and two
When they need you it’s urgent and your there on the dot
When you need them that’s when they’re going through a lot
Got the nerve to wonder why nobody can trust you cause4 don’t nobody love you till everybody love you
You in the dark used it as a shelter from the light
So what’s the meaning of a true friendship in life

Breath like a Pharaoh inhale the pain
You will learn to succeed and to fail is the same
Time stand still but the people will change
The wheel keeps turning but the real shall remain

[verse 2}​
Pain and agony trying hard not to be a casualty casually
Dodging bullets in alleys like athlete
Keeping faith in where my path leads my capacity to handle
Stress with hands more or less tied in back of me
Women with dreams of living happily ever after walking down the alter with a pastor there to trap me
Used to indifferent now they acting more aggressive
But now I’m more selective so I plot and make my exit
See DMX said it so now I do the math
Remember when I told a joke and chickens didn’t laugh
Topic of the conversation what I did or didn’t do they see
You doing this and that now they interested in you
Strange G tables turn now they spitting game at me
Getting frustrated cause I caught a case of ADD
Claiming to be something they not capable to be they don’t back in the day I tried saving two or three
But they don’t wanna be saved Project Pat taught me that
So save your shit for a colostomy bag
Studying reality show to teach you how to react
Love and Hip-hop baby there’s not love when you plot
You want the lifestyle hotel rooms and night gowns with the lights down you wanna be my wife now
Shortcut seeker rubbing on my low-cut ceasar
You sure what? Thought you was a diva
10 stroke deep inside her gut before I leave her have her sniffing for my trail like a golden retriever
See you when I see you as I skate through the night
What’s the meaning of a relationship in your life


released February 5, 2016
written and performed by Napoleon Da Legend



all rights reserved


Napoleon Da Legend

The Anti-Hero

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